Australia Day 27th January

Australia Day is the National Day of Australia which is celebrated by Australians on 26th of January every year.

The day reflects the great achievements of Australian Nation its past and future and Nations diversity.

People of Australia celebrate this day as tradition and arrange memorable fireworks, ceremonies lively events and joyful activities with full excitements and full of happiness.

Australia Day History

26 January is an important date in the History of Australia or you can say like that the History of Australia begins with this date. This is the date when first fleet arrived at the shore of Sydney Cove under command of Captain Arthur Phillip and raised the Union Jack and proclaimed British sovereignty over part of the continent in 1788.

In early 1800s the settlers arrange dinners and parties to celebrate the occasion but remained focused on New South Wales holiday for many years.

The Day was known as “Anniversary Day” by 1988 and observed as public holiday in all cities of NSWs except Adelaide.

Henry Parkes the NSW governor recognized this day as remembrance of Aborigines of how they has been “robbed”.

It wasn’t until 1935 that all the states of Australia adopted and agreed on a common date with name Australia Day to be held on January 26.

Finally till 1940s this day has become National Holiday in Australia and in 1984 federal funding has been started to National Australia Day Committee.

Australia Day Events

  • Celebrations will Begin at Barangaroo with a traditional Aboriginal smoking ceremony and a special dance to celebrate the oldest living culture in the world.
  • GIO Oz Day 10K Wheelchair Road Race. Friday 26 January 2018, The Rocks. …
  • GIO Wheelchare
  • Darling Harbour Australia Day. …
  • Wugulora Indigenous Morning Ceremony. …
  • Ryde Australia Day Family Concert and Fireworks. …
  • Luxury Australia Day Lunch Cruise on Silver Spirit.
  • In the Sydney Opera House forecourt Musical legends take to an outdoor stage for the Australia Day Concert.


  • Big Breakfast at Dee Why Beach in the Northern Beaches, Sydney Olympic Park’s fireworks.
  • The all day celebration in Parramatta, featuring Aerial hot air balloons, live music and a fireworks display.

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Australia Day Quotes

Australia is about as far away as you can get. I like that.
~Andre Benjamin
God bless America. God save the Queen. God defend New Zealand and thank Christ for Australia.
~Russell Crowe

In Australia, not reading poetry is the national pastime.
~Phyllis McGinley

Australia is an absolutely fantastic country, but the only thing we lack is the ability to work harder.
~Dick Smith

To live in Australia permanently is rather like going to a party and dancing all night with one’s mother.
~Barry Humphries

Australia is an outdoor country. People only go inside to use the toilet. And that’s only a recent development.
~Barry Humphries

The greatest and proudest moment moment of my life standing on the podium receiving the silver medal on behalf of myself and Australia.
~Graham Cheney

Olivia Newton-John – Australia’s gift to insomniacs. It’s nothing but the blonde singing the bland.
~Minnie Riperton

It’s definitely different in the States. Americans are much different people compared to us. We’re much more laid back. I itch to get back to Australia every summer because it’s so fast paced there and so stressful.
~Andrew Bogut

I’d like to be seen as an average Australian bloke. I can’t think of… I can’t think of a nobler description of anybody than to be called an average Australian bloke.
~John Howard

Australia Day Poems

I guess you never notice
But I love this great big land
I love its sheer beauty
It’s so big and bloody grand
You have the Blue Mountains
And the Great Dividing Range
You have the Stirlings in the west
And the Flinders are so strange
And then there’s the Grampians
And the Hamersleys are there too
They’re so full of iron ore
The miners love them too
Then you have our rivers
The Murray comes to mind
A longer one I don’t think
You could ever find
Then you have the Avon
It runs so fast in flood
It only has a stony bottom
Cause it washed away the mud
Then you have our deserts
They’re all so hot and dry
You have to keep on waving
To keep away the flies
But when it rains out there
The wild flowers come to life
With all the colours of a rainbow
That stretch from sky to sky
It really is a wondrous place
This great big land of mine
From the mountains to the oceans
And all that’s bound in time
And you just know damn well
It’s the best you have ever seen
Because a better place there has never been.
– Dags

The Irish have St Patrick’s Day
The Yanks July the fourth
The French love their Bastille Day
Which they love with all their worth
We celebrate Invasion Day
We stole someone’s land
Why we celebrate it, I just don’t understand
So why not have a national day
One all can celebrate
I propose Federation Day
That’s a perfect date.
Daniel Collins

Tall towering gum trees blowing softly in the wind.
Rain that falls heavy causing the floods.
That’s all part of Australia. Its people are friendly, not cold.
The wind tells its stories of old, as it lifts the treetops and sways the reeds.
Farmers tilling the wheat fields planting their seeds.
Summer is gone and with it winter will be here again, gone are the dry winds and sun there will be the rains.
Day and month and years fly by so fast
Yet my country, wide rolling, fine and free will stand fast.
Helen Tyler

There’s never been a time like the present
To do the things you want to do
Get out and about on the highways of life
You can paddle your own canoe.
There’s so much to see outside of your sphere
A bounty of treasures galore
They await on your presence, are you coming or not?
I beg you I plead and implore.
We joined the grey tide when I turned 65
My penance with employment well done
We chose a life on the road tarmac was the mode
In a caravan that shone like the sun.
We met fellow travellers, most had grey heads
Intent on having a good time
With their sparkling vans, and big four-wheel drives
Explorers with a mission in mind.
The grey tide they call us – a fitting tribute
One we can wear without disrepute
We’ve joined this great army of sleek caravanners
With maps and route books and a great shifting spanner.
Out on the highway for six hours a day
Then hole up for tea and a banquet bouquet
Ah, this life on the road is a wonderful thing
All these old wrinklies doing the fling.
Enjoying the life that retirement offers
Laughing our socks off at the would be scoffers
This will do the Streets, it’s a great avenue
Cruising the byways is what we will pursue
Until such times when commonsense states
Or we end up knocking on the pearly gates.
Ray Street

They loved this sunburnt country with its dreaded flooding rain,
They’d fought the wild bush fires battled drought out on the plains
They’d weathered the recessions and all the ills that brought them pain
They’d say The Spirit of Australia is the getting up again.
Daylight brought the message I watched it on TV
With a thousand other people in the same boat just like me
The Premier was speaking on that awful awful day
And she used the same old phrases that my oldies used to say
And they never cursed the country no matter how far down
There’s always someone else worse off on the other side of town
A hug, a smile, a cuppa will help to ease the pain
The Spirit of Australia is the getting up again
In the drought of forty seven they were farming on the Downs
They shot the weak and the dying stock and moved on into town
Dad got a house Mum made it a home they raised a family
They lost two kids but raised two more – one of them was me
And they never cursed the country no matter how far down
There’s always someone else worse off on the other side of town
A hug, a smile, a cuppa will help to ease the pain
The Spirit of Australia is the getting up again
The Spirit they instilled in me is the getting up again.
Keneth Moses

You will be welcome, sure to fit in
A hint from me – start with a wide grin.
When you land in this country, kiss the tarmac if you’re brave,
That would be before you are belted by the heat wave.
Now, off with your jeans and on with your cozzie,
Remember to spray to avoid the bite of the mozzie.
Head straight to the beach, watch for our flags,
Swim only between the red and yellow, and drown you will not
Don’t be a sook – if you find yourself in a spot,
The bronze life savers will be there in jot.
You have Buckley’s chance though, unless you
Remember to just – slip, slop slap
Or a lobster you will resemble, you’ll feel like crap
Because the rest of your stay will be in the shade,
Far away from the sun and the surf , never mind you can lie on the turf
And dream of the holiday you could have enjoyed,
If only , if only you had employed
The slip, slop slap !
Another hint, a reminder to you
Our national anthem from our point of view,
Is our Waltzing Matilda, it’s real true blue,
As Aussie as our stubbies, our barbies and our kangaroo.
You may decide to stay on and make a better life
Our people are kind to those who just have a go,
A fair go we will give, a fair crack of the whip, if you will roll up a sleeve
We won’t abide a bludger though
Keep this in mind and in just a mo
You will be a dinky di, even sayin’ G’day Mate,
You’ll be making a buck and that will be great!
You may be calling this great southern land yours
Enjoying a yarn and a beer with a mate
Only if you remember that this is what we do
We sing Waltzing Matilda and we are true blue.
Lyn Gulbransen

I sit and dream of the Outback
A wondrous sight to see
To trek along those outback tracks
Far away from town and sea.
The starry nights, the wide blue sky
Purple ranges, glorious sunsets and white gum tree
Colours of Australia’s centre, just beautiful to the eye
From the top of Uluru, looks like a patchwork quilt to me.
Purple ranges, golden sunsets, glorious Kakadu
Australia’s outback – the centre Uluru
Red and white gum trees, beautiful sky of blue
Like patchwork quilt, made by me and you.
Joy Major

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