Pumpkin Faces: How to Carve Scary Halloween Pumpkin Faces

Carve Scary Halloween Pumpkin: Without pumpkins, Halloween is different, just like Christmas without trees. Buy a carved one, but if you want to do it yourself, you can follow the steps below.

You must first go to the supermarket to buy pumpkins. You can choose to let your children do family activities with them. Once you bring it home, both of you can decide what kind of face the pumpkin has. The pumpkin face can be happy, angry, or other funny things, and your neighbors will find it funny.

With a pen, you can outline the contours of the face, so that once everything in the pumpkin is removed, you can easily dig a hole for the eyes, nose, and mouth. But before doing this, place the pumpkin on a flat surface already covered with newspaper. Use a long serrated knife, then cut a circle on the stem of the pumpkin and place it in the newspaper.

After opening the pumpkin, it is easy for you and your child to reach into it and take out the contents. Since these are still edible, put them in a container so that you can use it to make salads or pumpkin pie later. There may be something left in it, so use a tablespoon to remove the leftovers.

Don’t forget to clean the pumpkin lid as well. You should also put some holes here so that when you put it back on top and put the candles, the heat can be dissipated.

Now it’s time to cut off the marked area on the pumpkin face. To do this, you will cut the edge again with a serrated knife so that you can easily push it out by hand. After doing this, but the candle inside or in a small electric light so that people can see your wonderful work at night.

If you decide to use candles, monitor them regularly, as the wind may blow the light away. If you don’t want to do this, choose a small light, because the light will only go out when you turn off the light or unplug it from the socket.

Your experience in carving pumpkin will make it easier to make more pumpkins, so you can put one pumpkin outside, maybe several indoors. Since it doesn’t take long to open the pumpkin, you must prepare these the night before.

But there are some ways to preserve pumpkins so that they don’t rot overnight. Your first option is to put it in a bathtub of cold water and pour some powder to prevent the pumpkin from drying out and becoming fresh. You can also save it by putting it in the refrigerator when it is not showing.

Halloween happens once a year, so many people make the most of it by decorating houses and preparing decorations. Some people recycle things they used last year, while others buy new things, one of which is pumpkins.

In order for your family to help carve the pumpkin, the first thing you need to do is to get it from the grocery store, cut it open with a serrated knife, take out the contents, and put a candle or small lamp. Pumpkin’s face is a fun part of Halloween and a great activity for kids.


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