Personality Days

Burns Night and Burns Supper – 25th January

Burns Night

Burns Night or well-known event Burns Supper is celebrated annually on or around 25th of January especially in Scotland. Scottish people around the world come together to tribute their National Poet Robert Burns. Robert Burns also known as Rabbie Burns is regarded as the National Poet of Scotland who is best known of the poets who written poems in Scots ...

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Martin Luther King Jr.Day-3rd Monday in January

Martin Luther King Day. Keep the Dream alive

Martin Luther King, Jr.Day is observed on third Monday of January every year in the US. Martin Luther King, Jr. day also abbreviated as MLK Day is a federal holiday in the US. The first MLK Day observed in the US on January 20, 1986. The voice of Martin Luther King Jr. is most important and influential in the civil ...

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Iqbal Day – 9th November

Iqbal's Day

Iqbal Day is the National Day of Pakistan.  9th November 1877 is the birth date of a great legendary poet, philosopher and a visionary politician Sir Allama Muhammad Iqbal. Allama is a term used in Urdu language for scholars. Iqbal was the first ever person who dreamed and propose about a separate country for the Muslims of India and later ...

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