Data Privacy Day – Protect Your Vital Information

Data Privacy Day is observed on 28th January annually. This day is also known as the Data Protection Day in European countries. The purpose of this day is to spread awareness about the importance of data privacy and to promote best practices that can be adopted to protect the precious data.

Data Privacy Day is also celebrated as a holiday in a few of the international countries. USA, Canada, India, and 47 other European countries celebrate this day. Special events are arranged to spread maximum public awareness about the importance of data privacy in the digital era.

Why is Data Privacy Important?

The need and importance of Data privacy are getting increased in today’s digital era. Where our everyday affiliation with the online world in the form of social media, online banking, online trading, online shopping, etc. is getting increase every day.

The online world platforms are unaware of the end-users, they recognize the end users only with unique data in the form of passwords or personal information. Once your login credentials are leaked or hacked through any means, the person who has hacked your account will have the full control of your account and can do anything with it.

Like in the online backing example the person can transfer the money from your account to its own. Similarly, that person can post something bad on social media using your account. Even the person can change the password of your account and you would never be able to access back your account.

It has also been observed that the people who are associated with technical professions are well aware of the importance of data privacy however non-technical people are usually paid less importance to their personal data information.

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What Types of Personal Data should be Protected:

We should be extremely careful about the following types of personal data.

  • Passwords (Topmost important)
  • NIC detail
  • Passport detail
  • Debit and credit card numbers
  • Bank account detail
  • Mobile numbers
  • Home address information
  • Personal and family pictures

Data Protection Tips and Techniques:

Following is the list of Tips and Techniques which can be useful to protect our precious data:

  1. Make it routine to change your passwords regularly.
  2. Do not keep the same passwords for all your online platforms.
  3. Do not write your passwords on hard copies.
  4. Save critical information- passwords in encrypted formats.
  5. Don does not keep easily guessable passwords, like your name or date of birth.
  6. Keep your passwords a bit complex by using special characters in between.
  7. Go for https connection which indicates the secure connection.
  8. Do not share your passwords and personal information.
  9. Avoid using the internet over public Wi-Fi.
  10. Avoid un-necessary logins on the public work stations.
  11. Don’t forget to logout after doing online work.
  12. Don’t indulge online with strangers unless you are sure about their identity.
  13. Backup your data regularly.
  14. Don’t open the emails form suspicious or unknown sources.
  15. Beware of shoulder readings by people sitting beside you
  16. While downloading new apps or soft wares, make sure to read user reviews.

Benefits of Data Privacy and Protection:

In the online world, you are safe and well protected until you can prevent your personal information and you can enjoy the online world platform seamlessly. Let’s try to be more vigilant about our personal and professional data and protect it in the best possible manner.

Thanks for reading the article on the event of the day and happy awareness about Data Privacy Day.


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