Unique and Easy DIY Easter Egg Basket Ideas

Thanksgiving event will be incomplete without an Easter egg gift or basket. Buying Easter baskets is a good idea, but it means you should spend extra money.

If you have more time this year, you can decide to make DIY Easter egg baskets for your beloved one. You don’t need to worry about running out of basket idea.

The information below gives you more inspiration to prepare an attractive Easter egg basket. The most important thing, those basket ideas are easy to create!

Easter Egg Bouquet

You don’t need to prepare something complicated. Just create a simple bouquet just like a vase. First, you should prepare for eggshells.

Just make sure that the eggshells are in good condition. Second, prepare food paints with different types of color especially metallic colors such as gold, blue, purple, pink, green, and many more.

Third, start to paint the eggshells one by one. Let it dry and make a small or medium hole on the bottom of the eggshells. Put small candies there and close the hole along with sticks. You may also paint the sticks just like a stalk of a flower.

Now, prepare a bouquet and additional items such as cork, band, and many more. Put the cork inside the bouquet and plug in the colorful Easter eggs you have made before. Decorate the bowl with a colorful band. A beautiful Easter egg bouquet is ready to serve!

Easter Egg Basket for Boys

You may prepare a cool Easter egg basket for your beloved boy. Just create something unique and unexpected before.

Let say, you may prepare one of their favorite hats. Then, try to buy their favorite snacks.

You can also choose healthy snacks only. Now, just make a hat as a bowl and organize the snacks there. It is an affordable, easy and fast Easter egg basket to do. The best part, your beloved boy will love it!

Mickey and Minnie Easter Egg Basket

Disney is always enchanting. That’s why you can make one of their characters as your inspiration to create an Easter egg basket.

Mickey and Minnie are the two most popular characters and can be used as your inspiration. Prepare two baskets with handles and paint it with red and black along with white dots. If it is difficult, you may see Mickey and Minnie first.

Then, make the ears by using black paperboard. Stick the ears on the basket handle and the Easter egg basket is ready. When it is dry enough, you can start to fill it with a lot of Easter egg gifts such as snacks, favorite items, and many more.

Mickey Minnie Easter Basket

Garden Themed Easter Egg Basket

Preparing an Easter egg basket doesn’t mean you have to prepare a lot of snacks and candies. Just prepare something different, such as gardening equipment. Yes, it is possible! You may prepare a plastic wagon.

Then, feel the wagon with gardening equipment such as a hoe, seeds, fertilizer, water jug, and many more. It is an interesting and unique Easter egg basket, right? The receiver who loves gardening will be happy with this Easter egg basket.

So, are you ready to create a DIY Easter egg basket? The 4 Easter egg baskets above can be a great reference.

Those are easy to prepare, and you don’t need to spend extra money only to create an interesting basket. Even, they are considered as a unique and attractive Easter egg basket.


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