Easter Trivia 2024 Facts, Quiz, Games, Questions And Answers

Today in this post, we are going to cover all the Easter trivia such as Easter trivia facts which are funny, quiz games with questions and answers for kids and adults like senior citizens. On this Easter, everyone should know these Easter facts and trivia which we have collected. This post is going to be very interesting for you guys. So first we will read down all the Easter trivia facts.

After that, we will start playing Easter trivia games which includes quiz games and question and answer games which are fun to play. Let start with Easter facts and trivia.

Top 10 Easter Facts and Trivia

  1. The name Easter comes from the name of Anglo-Saxon goddess Eastre who’s symbols is hare and eggs.
  2. Easter always comes between 22 march to 25 April.
  3. Easter is celebrated on the very first full moon day after any date comes after 20 march.
  4. For a long time, Easter eggs are considered as rebirth.
  5. The first Easter baskets were to look like a bird’s nest.
  6. The recipe for Easter egg chocolates was first made in Europe in the 19th century.
  7. More than 90 million chocolate bunnies are made every year.
  8. Red Jellybeans are the children’s favorite Easter foodstuff.
  9. It is noted that while eating chocolate bunnies. 80% of people start eating from the ears of bunnies.
  10. After Halloween, Easter is also known as a big business festival.

These are the 10 interesting fun Easter facts and trivia for you. We hope you liked this trivia and facts.

Easter Trivia Quiz Game of Question and Answers

Let’s move to the Easter trivia quiz and games. Now, you have to just see the questions and find the answers, which will be in multiple-choice of 3 and 4. This quiz contains Easter, bunny, and egg-related questions. Go down one by one and after completing all the questions, all the answers to the Easter trivia quiz written on the bottom of the post. So let’s start this game of question and answer. It’s going to be fun.

1. What comes first?

(a) Egg. (b) Bird. (c) None of this.

2. Who made the most expensive jeweled eggs in the world?

3. Carton of eggs should be washed before use. Yes or No?

4. Which Street is that in the song Easter parade?

5. What do we call Marshmallow candy, which looks like a small chicken?

6. What does Lent Means?

  • (a) To live together
  • (b) To Let Go die
  • (c) Lengthening days
  • (d) To live again

7. Eggs contain almost every nutrient which is essential for a human being. Right or Wrong?

8. Ukrainian Easter Egg is decorated by?

9. Which dance is normally done on Easter?

10. A female rabbit is known as?


1. C. History tells that DUCKS and GEESE came first & years in China before Chickens, which came 4,000 years later in India.

2. Carl Faberge.

3. No. Eggs do not need to be washed.

4. 5th Avenue.

5. Peeps.

6. C.

7. Right.

8. Wax and Dye.

9. The Bunny Hop.

10. Doe.

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