Halloween – 31st October

Halloween is an annual festival in West which is celebrated each year on 31st of October. This is an amazing event which is interestingly also known as All Hallow’s Eve, Allhalloween, or All Saints’ Eve.

Halloween is the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day, known as All Saints’ Day as well.
Interestingly when most of us think of Halloween, we generally think of… Like trick-or-treating and carving jack-o-lanterns treating, and a whole lot of candy. But guys have you ever wondered how all of those traditions came to be?????


Roots of this festival go a long way back in history and are quite a bit spookier than you may be thinking now. Let us tell show you quick primer. Halloween is actually go back in the age-old European traditions when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to kick-out ghosts from there areas and as per historians that time is of ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, so Halloween is known as the origin from Celtic of Samhain.

Across the world, as days become shorter and nights are getting colder, people continue to usher in the pleasant season with parties, gatherings, costumes and whole lot of candy treats.

Halloween – What is the History behind?

Halloween is very interesting festival but as much as this event is amazing its history is as much confusing somehow.
There are debates around that world about its origin and there are pagan and Christian traditions have evolved into what is Halloween is likely today.

A group of people believe it was originated from the Celtic pagan festival of Samhain. Meaning of Samhain is ‘Summer’s End’ which is celebrated at the end of harvest season.

While on the other hand Gaels believe that it was a time when the walls between our world and the next became so weak. That was the time when spirits get pass through and come back to life on that day and damage their crops. Gaels arrange dinner tables in different places and would also offer drinks and food, and light bonfires to kick off the evil spirits.


The origins of dressing up costumes trick-or-treating were in the 16th century in Ireland, Scotland and Wales and borrowing from them Americans also began to dress-up in costumes and go door to door asking for money and food in exchange for a poem or song.This practice eventually became today’s the very amazing “trick-or-treat” tradition.

Halloween costume

Halloween phrase trick-or-treat was first used in America in 1927. These traditions were brought to America by immigrants.

Celts dressed up with white and blackened faces during this festival to trick the evil spirits that they believe would be roaming on the earth before All Saints’ Day on November 1st.

In the same way people also dressed up with full costumes as souls of the dead. They believe to be protecting themselves from the spirits by copying them.

Halloween costume

Halloween: Why do we carve pumpkins?

During the Samhain festival Gaels would carve turnips and made lanterns and went to homes asked for treats.
As per history in 1920s pumpkin carving was widespread across America but why? Because Irish immigrants came to America they could not find any turnips to carve. To make the tradition continue, they used the more readily available pumpkin into which they carved scary faces.

Now the answer why in simple words is… Gaels carved turnips to ward off spirits and stop fairies from settling in houses. In America same tradition is being continue but with carving the pumpkins.

Halloween pumpkin

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