Hanuman Jayanti 2024 Wishes, Images, Greeting, Messages and WhatsAap Status

According to Hinduism, on the day of Chaitra Purnima, the birth anniversary of Anjani’s son and Ram devotee Hanuman Ji is celebrated.

Hanuman Jayanti falls on the full moon date of Chaitra month every year. This year, this auspicious festival is being celebrated on Thusday, 23 April. This day is very special for Hanuman’s devotees.

On this day, Hanuman’s devotees recite Hanuman Chalisa by fasting all day to please Bajrangbali. It is believed that Bajrangbali is the only God in Kali Yuga who is alive on this earth to overcome the troubles of his devotees and fulfill their wishes.

So on this auspicious occasion, if you also want to send greetings messages to your relatives, friends and loved ones, then share these SMS and best wishes messages with them.

Hanuman Jayanti 2024 Wishes, Images, Greeting, and Messages

Hanuman Jayanti Image

The birth anniversary of Lord Hanuman, the supreme devotee of Lord Ramachandra, is celebrated with great enthusiasm throughout the country. Hanuman Ji is known by many names throughout India. Some call him Bajrangbali and some call him Pawan Putra. At the same time, Hanuman Ji is also called by the name of Anjani’s son.

Bajarangee Teree Pooja Se Har Kaam Hota Hai,
Dar Par Tere Aate Hee Door Agyaan Hota Hai,
Raamajee Ke Charanon Mein Dhyaan Hota Hai,
Aapake Darshan Se Bigada Har Kaam Hota Hai.
Hanumaan Jayantee Kee Haardik Shubhakaamanaen.

Karo Krpa Mujh Par He Hanumaan,
Jeevan-bhar Karoon Main Tumhe Pranaam,
Jag Mein Sab Tere Hee Gun Gaate Hain
Haradam Charanon Mein Tere Sheesh Navaate Hain.
Hanumaan Jayantee Kee Haardik Shubhakaamanaen.

Bhoot Pishaach Nikat Nahin Aave,
Mahaaveer Jab Naam Sunaave,
Naase Rog Hare Sab Peera,
Japat Nirantar Hanumat Veera.
Hanumaan Jayantee Kee Haardik Shubhakaamanaen.

Raam Ka Hoon Bhakt Main Roodr Ka Avataar Hoon,
Anjanee Ka Laal Hoon Main Durjanon Ka Kaal Hoon,
Saadhujan Ke Saath Hoon Main Nirbalo Kee Aas Hoon,
Sadgunon Ka Maan Hoon Main Haan Main Veer Hanumaan Hoon.
Hanumaan Jayantee Kee Haardik Shubhakaamanaen.

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Hanuman Jayanti WhatsApp Status:

Hanuman Jayanti WhatsApp Status

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