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Rose Day is one of the Special days in Valentine’s Week Celebrated with a lot of love and cheer by the couples. This year the bright and Happy Rose Day moment will be celebrated on 7th February 2020. It will be the first day of Valentine’s Week.

Being the first day of Valentine’s week, Youths and Couples are waiting for this day to express love, care, and gratitude towards beloved ones. Rose Day signifies the essence of warm and heartfelt feelings towards all the special people in our life.

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Different Rose Colors And Meaning – Rose Day 2020

Rose is the symbol of love, romance, attachment, and friendship which is offered to a beloved person on Rose Day. Different colored roses denote different feelings and emotions presented on Rose Day moment.

Valentine’s Week is about to start with Rose Day 2020. All the couples want to make this week memorable, but on this day only you don’t need to give roses to your boyfriend or girlfriend. Rose is available in many colors and each color has its importance and significance. Read ahead, which color of rose is made for which relationship.

Yellow Rose

This rose is a symbol of good health and friendship. If you want to make new friends, then give them a yellow rose. It is considered a good symbol for initiating friendship. Also, it brings happiness and is a good option to call someone ‘Get Well Soon’.

White Rose

White rose means a new beginning. It shows simplicity and purity. Also if you are thinking of someone then give him a white rose.

Orange Rose

Orange Rose reflects your passion and enthusiasm. Apart from this, it is also a symbol of sexual attraction.

Red Rose

Everyone knows about the red rose that it is a symbol of true love. If you are going to propose someone on this Valentine’s Day, then red rose can be a good option.

Pink Rose

Pink rose is given to praise someone. They can be your best friend, fiance, family member or anyone.

Happy Rose Day 2020 Quotes, Status, SMS

Share the different type of rose to your girlfriends and loved ones on this Rose Day. Also, send cute and lovely SMS on Rose Day. We have shared a great collection of SMS solely related to Rose Day 2020.

“Love is an ocean and everyone wants to drown in it, some wins some losses in love, love is a rose which each one wants to pluck, but I want to kiss this rose and want to keep it with me forever.”

“A rose doesn’t only mean for proposing love.
it also means

R- Rare
O- Ones
S- Supporting
E- Entire life

Will you always be there?”

“Your love is like the fragrance of Roses. It reminds me always about you. Roses for you and loads of love too.”

“Believe me, you are the one Whom my heart finds Whom my mind reminds me of Whom my destiny wants Whom i love the most The fragrance always stays in the hand that gives the rose.”

“Friendship is not like the rose nor like the thorns, it is like the stem which holds both of them together till the end. Happy rose day to my love”.

Rose Day Wishes 2020

You can impress your crush by showcasing your love with special Rose Day Wishes. These emotional and sentimental wordings would impress him/her on this beautiful Rose Day Occasion. Apart from sending real roses, Quotes for Rose Day can be used to send on social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Twitter. Here we have listed some of the amazing and pleasing Happy Rose Day Quotes for the coming event.

“Sweeter than the candies lovelier than the red roses more huggable than soft toys that’s what you’re here’s wishing you a Rose Day.”

“Everything About You Is Interesting, Your Smile, Your Laughter, Your Beauty, Your Scent And Your Company. I Always Think Of You With A Smile On My Face. I Love You My Precious Rose. Happy Rose Day!”

“I guess you already know that RED is my favorite. If you know what I mean. Don’t you? Here is a bunch of roses for you, of course RED. Happy Rose Day

“Lovely roses and lovely you, lovely are the things you do, but loveliest is our love so true, one is me and one is you”

“If you think, I am selfish, then yes I am selfish because, I am not ready to share you with anyone. Here are red roses for you. Happy rose day my love”

Why rose day is celebrated on the first day of valentine week

On the first day of Valentine’s Day i.e. 7 February, Rose Day is celebrated together in all countries of the world. On this day, people give a rose to their closest relationships and tell about their special feelings. The rose flower is considered the best silent symbol to express your feelings.

Also, according to a belief, during the time of Queen Victoria, people started the tradition of exchanging roses to express their unspeakable feel. In which red rose is considered a symbol of love and passion. Apart from this, other colors have different meanings of roses.

Number of roses meanings

Like the color of roses, the number of roses also holds great importance. Therefore, let us know the different meanings of a different number of roses:

1. If you want to say thank you to someone, then gift them only one rose flower.

2. If you want to propose to a girl for marriage, then gift her a small bouquet of two red-colored flowers attached, while a red and a white rose is given to increase peace and love in the relationship.

3. If you want to maintain your relationship for a long time, then gift a small bouquet with six roses to the partner.

4. Bouquet with 11 roses helps to tell the truth, depth in your love.

5. If you give a bouquet of 13 roses to someone close to you, it means that you secretly admire and follow them.

Happy Rose Day Images, Photo and Wallpaper

Add a zing to your Rose Day celebration this year, download from our range of Rose Day images 2020 to share with your loved ones or put up on your social media platform.

Rose Day Greeting Rose Day Greeting Pic Happy Rose Day Image Rose Day Image

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