Happy Thanksgiving Games for Kids

Holidays give people a grand opportunity to spend time together, all members of the family of different ages are happy to meet each other. Isn’t it interesting to form a new tradition in your family? Try these Thanksgiving games and you will never stop playing them at your parties.

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Thanksgiving Games for Kids

Popcorn Relay Game:

It’s a rather noisy game! Organize it in the yard or the garden if it isn’t very cold outside. Put some plates with popcorn and plates without popcorn at a certain distance. Participants will carry popcorn with spoons.

Age range: 6+

The Native American Loop Game:

  • Materials: A 12″ wooden stick for each player.
  • Yarn, string, or twine, about 18″ per stick.

Connect the string to the end of the stick. Make a loop at the other end. The goal of the game is to catch the loop with the end of your stick using only one hand. It is rather complicated!

Age range: between 5-14

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Tips: Small kids can play with a little hoop covered with some tape. It is more simple to use such a hoop than a loop. Children will have a merry time adorning their sticks. The participants form several groups. The play duration is fixed and the group with the most number of loops wins.

Wild Turkey Hunt Game:

One participant goes out of the room, he is a hunter. Hide something or the ‘turkey” in the room. When the hunter returns into the room explain to him his task is to find the hidden object, the other participants assist him by gobbling when they see the hunter approaches the hidden turkey. When it is found another child becomes a hunter.

Age range: between 5-12

County Fair Pumpkin Race:

The game is played in the yard or the garden. A pair of pumpkins are placed on the finish line. Divide the children into several groups. Their task is to move the pumpkins with the help of a stick. Small kids move the pumpkins with their hands.

Age range: 6+

Guess Who Game:

One participant chooses a name of an animal and other children attempt to guess it. They are permitted to compose only general questions and not more than 20 of them. If the children couldn’t manage to name the animal after 20 questions the leader gets a prize. And the new leader is chosen. This game is better to organize when children are having their festival dinner.

Age range: 5+


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