Happy Thanksgiving in United States

Thanksgiving 2023 in the United States

American citizens like Thanksgiving and always celebrate it with enthusiasm and joy. Everyone knows that the fourth Thursday in November is a day for people to express their gratitude to God. This day is entertainment and a generous banquet. The whole country is making a pilgrimage. In other words, the newcomer marks the end of the harvest with the festival of gratitude. Both adults and children know that 1621 is the year of the “‘First Thanksgiving Day Feast'”, and express their gratitude to the Almighty God. Later, when the country gained sovereignty, Congress announced that one day in the fall would celebrate Thanksgiving for the people of the whole country.

Thanksgiving 2023 United States

Tribute to Native Indians

Many people believe it was established as early as Thanksgiving to commemorate the pilgrims, who saved the Indians and gave them some meat and vegetables. But now everyone knows that this is a holiday of thanks to the Almighty Lord. The Indians showed everyone how to prepare meals under the new conditions, so they received universal respect. If the indigenous people did not help them in this difficult situation, the newcomers would definitely die.

Time for celebrating Traditional Harvest

People have been looking forward to Thanksgiving because relatives and friends have many opportunities to sit around the table and enjoy a lot of entertainment. There are turkey, pumpkin pie, corn, cranberry sauce on the table. Everyone likes to rest and happy times.

Tradition of Gifting

People are always happy to receive gifts and give them to relatives and acquaintances. Thanksgiving is the best opportunity to express gratitude and respect to all the dear and closest people, people you live under one roof, or work together. You can choose a variety of surprises, just carefully consider the preferences of the person you want to give the gift, and then buy Thanksgiving flowers, jewelry, baked cookies, chocolate gift baskets, candy wreaths, wine, and so on.

Black Friday and Festive Spirit

Christmas celebrations begin on Thanksgiving. People shop to buy all kinds of food and gifts for family and friends. They call the day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday.” The fact that accounting can use black ink to reduce revenue can be explained. The owners of different stores are happy to see their returns rise every hour. These days, everyone will feel happy and work hard to make their relatives and friends happy. People invite each other to cafes, give each other gifts, and decorate houses.

How do the USA People celebrate Thanksgiving 2023?

  • 9-10:00 am – Watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade
  • 10:00 am -12:00 pm – Visit nearest grocery stores
  • 12 PM -1:00 pm – Watch the presidential turkey pardon
  • I:00 Pm Onwards –  Enjoy your Day

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Thanksgiving dinner American

Turkey: For most non-vegetarian families, this is one of the favorite dishes for Thanksgiving feast. Whether it is grilled, smoked, salted, or fried, the crispy skin and moist inner meat can be perfectly combined.

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Pumpkin pie: Seasonal homemade pumpkin pie is a typical Thanksgiving dessert. However, after tempering for a few seconds or even two-thirds, this may be your most difficult dish to complete.


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