History and Unique Easter Eggs Event

Easter eggs/Thanksgiving event that aims to express gratitude as a thank you can be done in various ways. They usually do a celebration, like Easter eggs/thanksgiving celebrations that are practiced almost all over the world.

Celebrations are done in a variety of ways, ranging from the simplest way to a kind of parade or show like a carnival around the streets. Easter eggs/thanksgiving is not just a tradition to be done, but also a form of thanking the universe and to God for the abundant harvest. Easter Sunday 2022: Wishes, Images, Greetings, Quotes, and Recipes

History of thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday in the United States, as the name implies, intended as an expression of gratitude and gratitude when it comes to the end of the harvest season.

Celebrations like these are normally celebrated in different parts of the world with different names and patterns. If traced back, Thanksgiving Day in North America, have cultural roots from the British tradition brought to the ‘new continent’.

Formerly on the plains of Britain, Thanksgiving is not only to celebrate the harvest but also after the events that are considered God’s blessings to the people. For example, what happened in 1588, when England won from the Spanish Armada.

In the United States, it began at a celebration in Plymouth in 1621. At that time, the celebration was still purely done to commemorate the success of the harvest. The pilgrims celebrated at a banquet with Native Americans, the Wampanoag tribe.

Next to each fall or winter of the following years, the celebration is repeated and again; which is then rooted as a tradition. In Canada, the Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving every second Monday in October for 3 days on weekends. It is the same day as the “Columbus Day” and is an official holiday.

Unique tradition

For the people of America, Thanksgiving is the best celebration, because the event can be used as a family gathering time.

Usually, they eat together with turkey eaten with cranberry sauce and other dishes such as potatoes, corn on the cob, pumpkin pie, and various other autumnal vegetables. While enjoying the dishes, they usually share stories about the good things they have experienced.

Turkey is the main dish in the celebration. Why turkey? The unique tradition was started a long time ago when Queen Elizabeth 1 is partying to celebrate victory over the sinking of a Spanish fleet that will attack the British kingdom. At that time he wanted to eat the dish of wild geese and the event coincided with Thanksgiving.

However, the soldiers who were asked to find the goose did not find it. What they managed to find was only a turkey. They think turkeys are thought to be similar to swans. So the English brought their legends and made turkey the main course of Thanksgiving since then.

The second reason is that Americans think that the portion of a turkey is suitable to be a family dinner because the portion is large and quite enjoyed by many people.

Because if they use chicken, the portion must be very small and may not be enough to be enjoyed by many people, while the swans are rarely found in America. So that’s why turkey became the main dish in Easter eggs/Thanksgiving event.


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