List of National and International Important Days in September 2022

September is the ninth month in the Julian and Gregorian calendars and the third of four 30-day months. This month marks the start of autumn in the northern hemisphere (and the start of spring in the southern hemisphere).

However, the name September comes from the Latin “Septem”, which means seven, as it is the seventh month of the Roman calendar, which begins in March. September 2021 includes various national and international observations. National Nutrition Week runs from September 1-7. The main reason for celebrating the day is to spread knowledge about good nutrition and health.

In addition to this, “National Teachers Day” is celebrated in India on September 5 to commemorate the birthdays of India’s first vice president and second president, Dr. Sarvepalli remember Radhakrishnan. Check out the list of important days in September 2022.

National and International Important Days in September 2022

September 5th is one of the special days in September as it is known as Teacher’s Day in India. Today is also the birthday of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan celebrates teachers’ contributions to society.

September 1 National Nutrition week begins
September 2 World Coconut Day
September 3 Skyscraper Day
September 5 International Day of Charity
September 5 Teachers’ Day (India)
September 7 Brazilian Independence Day
September 8 International Literacy Day
September 8 World Physical Therapy Day
September 10 World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD)
September 11 National Forest Martyrs Day


September 14, 2021: Hindi Diwas

September 15, 2021: Engineer’s Day (India)

September 15, 2021: International Day of Democracy

September 16, 2021: Malaysia Day

September 16, 2021: World Ozone Day

September 17, 2021: World Patient Safety Day

September 18, 2021: World Bamboo Day

September 18, 2021: International Red Panda Day (Third Saturday)

September 19, 2021: International Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 21, 2021: International Day of Peace (UN)

September 21, 2021: World Alzheimer’s Day

September 22, 2021: Rose Day (Welfare of Cancer patients)

September 22, 2021: World Rhino Day

September 23, 2021: International Day of Sign Languages

September 24, 2021: World Maritime Day

September 25, 2021: World Pharmacists Day

September 25, 2021: Antyodaya Diwas

September 26, 2021: World Contraception Day

September 26, 2021: European Day of Languages

September 26, 2021: World Environmental Health Day

September 26, 2021: World Rivers Day (Fourth Sunday)

September 27, 2021: World Tourism Day

September 28, 2021: World Rabies Day

September 29, 2021: World Heart Day

September 30, 2021: International Translation Day

Auspicious Days in September 2022

10 September: Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi is considered among the auspicious days in September which will be celebrated with grandeur and devotion to welcome Lord Ganesha.

Here is a table of all the most important days in September.

Dates Important Days
1 September- 7 September Indian Nutritional Week
5 September Teacher’s Day
8 September Global Literacy Day
10 September Ganesh Chaturthi
10 September World Suicide Prevention Day
14 September Hindi Diwas
14 September World First Aid Day
15 September Engineers Day
15 September World Democracy Day
16 September World Ozone Day
21 September World Alzheimer’s Day
21 September Human Rights Day
26 September World Contraception Day
26 September World Rivers Day
29 September World Heart Day

So, these are the important national and international dates in September 2022, which can also help you prepare for a few exams and also increase your general knowledge.

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