Best Instagram Captions for Hiking and Adventure Lovers

The peace and satisfaction you get in nature, by hearing those chirping sounds of birds and insects amongst the woods or forests over the hills and mountains is simply insurmountable.

After days full of hectic schedules filled with ample amounts of studies, work, and projects, an adventurous trip of hiking is just what you need. Going away from the sounds of cars and buses honking their horns, I bet you would enjoy every minute that you are surrounded by nature.

Instagram Captions for Hiking

And of course, pics on the summit of a mountain or hill, or by the side of a lake or within the woods are of just another level!!!

Oh, how we crave to put them up on our Instagram profile and let the world know what a wonderful time we have had amidst nature… but then comes the most confusing part… what shall be the caption which would be so apt to be proportionate with the experience that we had!!! Oh oh, and the hashtags… we definitely would want to use some of those too…

So coming to your rescue, here we are with some of the best Instagram captions along with a connecting hashtag or two which you might want to put up on your posts.

Copy-paste them as they are, make amends as per your interests, suit yourself, but in any way, you definitely would want to take a look at these to get you through your confusion phase.

Best Hiking Instagram Captions

Nature; that one place where you’ll make the best possible connection, despite the absence of Wi-Fi! #nature #peace #travel

More difficult the road happens to be; it comes to me as an assurance that more beautiful the destination will be… #hiking #adventure #travelgram

Because by the end of the day, the memories which will bring a smile on your face won’t be that of sitting in the office working in your cabin, no matter how big the cabin happens to be (no offense). What would be worth remembering would be how you went hiking on that hill with your friends or how adventurous it had been to go solo!!! #mountainclimbing #adventure #memories

The best things in this world would come to you amongst the wild and absolutely free. #naturelove #wanderer #hikerforlife

They say nature is your best teacher. Well, one thing is for sure, with every new peak that you ascend, there is something new that you definitely learn. #hikinglover #mountainpeaks #nature

Amidst all the fun that we were going to have one top of that mountain, who knew such beautiful memories were simultaneously being created!!! #memorylane #wanderlust

At times the best therapy that you can get is via camping!!! #camping #peace #naturelover

What’s better than having the satisfaction of adventure and exploration backed by immense peace!!! #naturephotography #beautifuldestinations #explore

The view that we are blessed with at the end of the climb, makes the efforts all the more worthy#beautifuldestinations #mountains #gohiking

In this world full of people who will check for internet connectivity before checking for food, I would gladly be wandering to places that lack such connectivity… What better place than to go hiking to get exactly this! #hiking #peace #nature

As we left our footprints behind all along our trails to the summit, we hardly recognized how beautiful the memories we went on creating… #wanderer #travelgram #trails

A true lover of the mountains will never be intimidated by how steep the climb is. If anything, more difficult the climb, more the inspiration for him. #mountainclimbing #nature #hikelove

They say one travels to escape life. Little do they know that we travel just to make sure that life doesn’t escape us! #wanderlust #hiking #travelgram

The scene from the top of that hill was just so giving! It made my problems look so tiny in front of the view! #travelphotography #travelgram #beautifuldestination

They listen to me and they talk to me… these woods amongst the mountains- they understand me better than any human would ever do… #outdoor #naturephotography #wanderer

Start climbing the mountains and I am so sure it will make your heart sing, merrier as you go further into these hills… #wanderlust #naturelover #adventure

Instagram Captions for Adventure Lovers

As I went further up the mountain, noticing how empty the wilderness had been, I moved closer to the understanding that its simply not meant for everyone. #hiking #peace #wilderness

They used to tell me that they visited the nature… it was only when I went there by myself that I realized how much I was fooled by those comments. It didn’t feel like I visited the place. It felt like I returned home… such peace #naturelover #hikingexperience #landscapephotography

The answers to all the questions lie in hiking. Even to those questions which we haven’t even figured out! #hikersofinstagram #instahikingtrails #camping

You ask what inspires me to travel on those roads which I don’t know where they lead… how shall I make you understand that it’s the uncertainty and the fact that I don’t know where these trails would lead me to are the very factors which inspire me to go along…#wanderlust #getoutside #travelgram

The very essence of one’s life is to explore, experience, and learn. And what better way to do these than going into the mountains, amidst mother nature!!! #neverstopexploring #wanderlust #outdoors #hikingadventures

It’s very less likely that a path devoid of obstacles would lead you to somewhere you would be proud of reaching. #landscapephotography #naturelover #hikingadventure

Far from city life which is full of hustle-rustle, lies the mountain where everything is so calm and slow and peaceful. #peacelover #mountaineer #wilderness

A very important element in hiking is whether it gives you a sense of wholeness. Whether it is able to help you be in a stable, peaceful, calm state of mind. #hikersofinstagram #travel #woods

These tall, big things that we look up to contain in themselves huge secrets and lessons which we are in dire need of learning. They teach us that it might be time-consuming and it may take up all your strength, it might be difficult, but if you just hold on to it, and if you have that determination which it takes, you are bound to rise high and reach the zenith. And that experience would be just indescribable. #rise #boost #hikeup #altitude

We often speak about the beauty we witness at the summit. What I fail to understand is that why do we never speak of the beauty of every step that we take towards the peak??? #mountaintrail #travelgram #roadstothetop #mountainclimbing

It’s total bliss to sit on the top of the mountain after a long tiring hike and simply gaze and admire the view, embracing the environment around, accompanied with thoughts about life and people that we care about!!! #landscapephotography #view #adventure #photography

That one thing in the world that will never fail you is nature. You can spend all day long amongst the woods and still be amazed by the amount of things that would still be left to discover. #naturelove #explore #outdoors #woods

No matter how “sophisticated” a person is, one simply cannot deny the dirt along the way towards the top of that really steep hill!!! #bhfyp #walking #trip

Wish to get a break from all that melodramatic and mundane life? Make a playlist, take a backpack, and go into the mountains. I give you my word, you will NEVER regret it. #backpack #mountainlover #hikerforlife

Amidst nature, amidst the woods in the mountains, you happen to find yourself, no matter how lost you are. #camping #adventure #hikelife

That smell in the air within the woods, that ambiance of the forest, that scenic beauty of the mountain… all of it soothes you- all of it heals you. #wild #trees #peaks #forests

In the end, none of it matters. No matter how crooked or dangerous the climb had been. No matter how many times you slipped and got those scratches and dirt on your skin. In the end, none of it matters, because you are fully aware that all of that had only just added to the satisfaction you got once you reached the top of it and saw that amazing view! #walk #trails #adventure #loveforhike

What I took from the place weren’t just a few pictures. What I left at the place weren’t just a few footprints. #nature #boots #picturesofinstagram #instahike

Instead of thinking that you will do it one day, take your backpack and say to yourself that you will do it today. #today #climb #hikingtrails

I am going to visit my therapist. I’m going to climb the mountain. I am going to visit nature. #naturelover #nature #peace #instabeauty

It is not in the city that I feel free… my actual independence lies amongst the mountains… #mountaintrails #wilderness #wanderer

Steeper the slope, greater the determination to make it to the summit. #instahike #adventure #hikelover.

The divinity of the view that we bask ourselves in is what gives us the determination to climb even the most difficult of the mountains… #landscaperphotography #view #instahike #travelgrams

There will be a day when you would have crossed this mountain that is now in front of you. You would have left it behind you and it would barely be visible to you. But what will remain with you till the rest of your life is the person that you would have become by the time you would have crossed it. Had this not been the only point of the climb all this while? #climb #travel #trekking #trip

The answer to every problem of your life lies in the climb. Be it the fact that you want to avoid life or whether you want to live your life, the answer would always be ‘climb’. Whether you need some time alone, or whether you are in dire need of a friend that understands you. The answer would again be ‘climb’… #climb #trip #peace #advntureisoutthere

We are often mistaken when we speak of the mountains that we ‘conquer’. Little do we know that we conquer ourselves. It is a part of us that happens to be conquered. #conqueror #naturehippys #keepitwild #mountaineers

I always had a feeling that I am that part of the puzzle which could never fit with any other piece. It’s only when I reached the top of this mountain that I could finally find myself fitting. #natureaddict #feelhome #majesticnature

Its I wonder how I will head to the city, for now, that I am among these woods, I just don’t feel like leaving home anytime soon under any circumstance… #natureaddict #wilderness #hikingworld.

At times when you are struggling to climb this mountain of life, all you need to do is think about that satisfying view once you reach the top of it. #mountainscape #hikerslife #camping #dreamspots

Wandering amongst the woods, I could hear them whisper to me. I could listen to what they had to say and oh god they are so talkative… the trees, the leaves, the birds, the crickets… that’s when I realized that even the journey to the top is just as beautiful and satisfying. You just have to have a desire to notice… #naturebeauty #lovefornature #waildlifeaddict #hikersofinstagram

I can never disagree more with those who say that one can escape life by going on a hike. I would rather say that one gets well acquainted with actual life once a person goes hiking! #hikersforlife #instahikers #backpack #adventure

It forced me to think that if people all around the world ended up caring for each other at all times the way people do when they go on a hike, and if everyone did whatever they did with the same positivity and determination with which we climb those high mountains, the world could have been such a better place to live in. #earthpics #landscapehunter #wanderlust

It is of course not a secret that the greatest motivation all along the climb is the thought of the view at the top of the hill or mountain, but the course to the top teaches us so much all along and that too in such a subtle manner that we hardly even realize that we had been learning so much all the way long. #discoverearth #bestnatureshot #fiftyshadesofnature

Sitting all day long in front of that laptop on your table will undoubtedly satisfy the hunger of your stomach. But the means to satisfy the hunger of your soul in nature. #naturehippys #naturelover #stayandwander

Oh-oh! Did I just forget to tell you? NEVER leave for a hike without a tent in your bag pack. Because (trust me when I say this) there is such a high chance of you not wanting to leave the place anytime soon. #backpacking #hikersadventure #mountaintrails #trekking #hikelove

The most efficient possible way to deal with emergencies in your emotional or mental life is to pack your bags and head towards the wilderness of the mountains… #naturewalk #liveoutdoors #landscapelover

At times you just need to shut up, pack your bag and go climb that mountain has been wanting to climb for so long… THAT is all it takes to make your dream come true. Shut up and work for it!!! #wanderlust #adventure #dream #hikelove

The only thing that can stop you from reaching to the top of even mount Everest is YOU. What you need to do is stop doubting your capability and understand that all it takes is YOUR determination!!! #welivetoexplore #landscapehunter #mountaintrails #onewithnature

Hiking is one of the most beautiful experiences in life. The adventure, the peace, the view, the time spent with friends along the way, the memories made, and of course THE PICTURES!!!!

When you put up that picture on your profile, these captions and hashtags are those extra miles that you take to make your post more presentable and get your profile to look more engaging to those who follow you. At the same time, a picture with a better caption and just the right hashtags are bound to receive more engagement on Instagram than those devoid of these.

A good caption adds more meaning to a pic and it is simply so important to choose a caption that matches your picture and enhances what the picture is trying to say. If you don’t manage to do this, people might end up wondering what exactly you are trying to convey…

Who wouldn’t want their caption to be apt and as likable as possible? We understand that we can’t always have the right words to express our thoughts in the right way, but with some help, we can be just there!!

So to provide that slight push, we are here with these marvelous captions that you can either copy and paste or edit and modify as per your preference before adding it to your Instagram profile.

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