Awesome Instagram Captions for Your Selfies

Hey guys, Are you searching for Instagram Captions for your Selfies? Then you have come to the right place. Here I will share 100 awesome Instagram captions for Selfies in different situations for you and you can select one of them to give a strong voice to your Insta posts.

Instagram pics without captions like a coffee without sugar or bread without butter. A photo says a thousand words but not everyone is able to understand that. Here captions come in the role which gives a voice or you can say it tells a story behind the pic.

Instagram Captions express the feeling behind your pics and play a major role to interact with people. A good caption always attracts people and makes them curious to know more.

How to write a great caption for your Instagram Photos?

The Process is very simple. Just remember the feelings, mood, place, the moment when you capture the pics. For what reason you capture that pic and then Create a nice story in fewer words. So that anyone can clearly understand.

Only you have to express the feeling of that moment when you capture that photo and narrate it in very few words. Now your great caption is ready.

Let’s see some Great Instagram captions for Selfies which were created by me and some of them are collected from Instagram.

Instagram captions for Selfies

“I, Me, and I are always best.”

“Be Yourself, Everyone else is already taken.”

“I am always Special, Don’t think I am Local.”

“ A lovely Smile every day, Makes your mood and day.”

“ There is nothing like a phase of age, it’s who I am.”

“The better you are, the lesser they are”

“ Keep loving yourself, it’s the best thing in the world.”

“Priorities yourself and see how they start whispering.”

“Me and My pout, Do you have any doubt.”

“A cute smile is always my style.”

Cool Selfies captions for Instagram

“Do more of what makes you happy.”

“The more you’ll know about me, the more you’ll know that you know nothing about me.”

“My Attitude is my unique gift, Which I am not obliged to explain to anyone.”

“Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness.”

“I don’t grow up feeling very handsome. I learned, I worked and now I am.”

“It’s cool being me. Please don’t copy my style.”

“Love me or hate me either way I’m gonna shine.”

“ Beautiful things don’t ask for attention.”

“ Get busy living or get busy dying.”

“ There’s a lot a smile can hide, change, and do.”

Sassy Selfies Instagram Captions

“ Don’t study me, you won’t graduate.”

“Do your work, if you are a jerk.”

“I am Kind, it doesn’t mean I am weak, it’s my nature.”

“ There is no manual that comes with me to handle, so stay away.”

“I am not born here to impress others.”

“Don’t look at me, You will be on your knee.”

“My lovely smile gives you piles.”

“ Your Bullshit comment is never gonna piss me off.”

“Sorry, I am too busy with myself.”

“I am the Best, fuck the rest.”

Savage Selfies captions

“Smiling always confuses people. So keep it on.”

“Water makes its own way, don’t ask for a side please.”

“Be rare, it makes them stop and stare.”

“ Be always savage and high.”

“If you follow me you will be lost.”

“You are the one, who makes me run.”

“I want it, that’s why I am picky.”

“If I know your real face, I will slap you so tight.”

“Say Less and Do More.”

“Work in silence and let your success noise.”

Morning Selfie captions

“Delete the old version of me in your head. It expired. Today new rules.”

“Morning Coffee is like a charge, 100% Full battery level.”

“Selfie with no filter is real confidence in the morning.”

“Oh coffee, you are my real hottie.”

“Every day is a new chance in life.”

“Wake up like a baby then have coffee.”

“Coffee is my first love after opening my eyes in the morning.”

“Confidence comes when morning coffee runs in my blood.”

“Best morning ever.”

“Coffee, Coffee, Coffee, you are my jockey.”

Funny Selfie captions

“ Now love is not blind. It took treatment. Now it looks for Money, Looks, power, house, Car, and a Job.”

“Control your BP after watching my Dp.”

“A smile with white teeth is brighter than your future.”

“Learn from me how to ignore responsibility.”

“If you block me, block my friends too cause they are coming with the screenshots.”

“On honey, You are so Funny, Be my Kids Mummy.”

“Power Comes After Shower.”

“Sometimes pout creates doubt and then we fought.”

“Selfie love is like people smell dove before use.”

“Jeans tight, more fight.”

Food Selfie Captions

“A balanced diet gives you a balanced life.”

“Wake up, Eat, Sleep, and Repeat.”

“Good food always puts you in a good mood.”

“Secret Ingredients never give a good taste, but Good mood always does.”

“Best people always love the best food.”

“Use cream and be in a dream.”

“Food is always the way of entering someone’s heart.”

“Junk food makes you human hulk.”

“Whatever you cook at home, street food always has an awesome taste.”

“Live.., Love… Eat… Drink… Sleep.”

“You are my cutie pie, let me eat and be high.”

“Cheese made me crazy.”

“Where there is food there is home.”

“You can’t live to the fullest with an empty stomach.”

“World is like a dining table and people are like members.”


Instagram captions always drive more engagement on your pics. And long Instagram captions also attract more eyeballs to your photos. Captions always clear the story behind the picture and a well-written caption makes your Instagram post more engaging and its results give you followers, likes, and shares.

So guys, if you also want to attract more people to your posts or profile then use these above-written Instagram selfies captions which will clear the reason behind clicking the pics and gives you followers.

So, friends, I hope you will like these Instagram Captions for Selfies. Please share this post on social media and help your friends to get more followers by using these awesome captions.

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