International Anti Corruption Day – 9th December

International Anti Corruption Day Quotes

International Anti-corruption Day is observed worldwide on the 9th of December every year.

Corruption is a serious crime that prevails injustice and human rights violation in the society. Corruption is every act of dishonesty and fraud doing through illegal means typically involving bribery.

International Anti Corruption Day – Historic Background:

On October 31, 2003, the UN General Assembly designated December 9 as the International Anti-Corruption Day to promote general public awareness about corruption and its evil effects over the society.

United Nations Conventions against Corruption (UNCAC) is a multilateral treaty negotiated by the members of the United Nations. UNCAC aims to reduce different types of corruption which can occur across the country borders like money laundering and corruption in international trading.

International Anti Corruption Day Famous Theme

  • 2016: United against corruption for development, peace, and security
  • 2015: Break the corruption chain
  • 2014: Join the war against corruption
  • 2011-2012: ACT- Against corruption today
  • 2009-2010: Your NO counts

International Anti Corruption Day Quotes

  • Refuse to Let the world corrupt you.
  • The biggest disease is corruption, the vaccine is transparency.
  • People who elect corrupt Politicians, Impostors, Thieves, and Traitors are Not Victims…. BUT Accomplices.
  • The corruption of the people is to behave inhumanly.
  • The worst affected by corruption is the common man.
  • Corruption is a true enemy to development.

International Anti Corruption Day

Ten Ways to fight against corruption:

  1. Spreading awareness among the general people about the bad effects of corruption.
  2. Developing clear and definite rules and procedures for each process especially related to government-related tasks.
  3. Establishing anti-corruption cells in the government / public offices for complaining about corruption.
  4. Installing the CCTV Cameras in the public offices.
  5. Educating and treating the people equally without discrimination of rich and poor.
  6. Spreading justice in society.
  7. Criticizing and Punishing the corrupt people strictly and making them an example for others to learn a lesson.
  8. A corruption risk assessment by inquiring and identifying the potential areas where people can involve in corrupt activities.
  9. Leaving no loophole area for the corrupt people.
  10. Encouraging the people to stand up bravely against corruption.



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