World Children’s Day – 20th November 2023

Universal Children’s Day is celebrated in many countries of the world but on different dates. Universal Children’s day is celebrated on 20th November each year, Universal Children’s day was introduced by the UN General Assembly in 1954.

World Children’s Day

International Childrens Day

The idea to celebrate a Universal Children’s day was suggested by Mr. V.K Krishnan Menon and it adopted by the UN General Assembly. Later on, in 1959 UN General Assembly launched a declaration for the fundamental rights of the world’s children.

Both these children’s days were established to encourage all the countries to dedicate a specific day for the children’s, firstly to promote mutual collaboration and understanding among children and secondly to initiate actions for the benefits and welfare of the world’s children.

Children’s are like the beautiful flowers of this world garden, they are the beauty and innocence of the universe.

Heart Touching UNICEF Song, dedicated to Syria Children:

Top 20 interesting facts and statistics about Universal Children’s Day

  1. Universal Children’s day is the day to celebrate and promote welfare and children’s rights around the worldwide countries.
  2. Children’s day is also known as Children’s Rights Day or International Children’s Rights Day.
  3. In 1954 Universal Children’s day was established by the UN General Assembly.
  4. Universal Children’s day celebration idea was suggested by Mr. Krishna Menon.
  5. In 1959 UN General Assembly launched the declaration for the protection of children’s rights.
  6. In 1989 UN General Assembly adopted the Convention for Children’s rights.
  7. Children’s day is celebrated worldwide in different countries on different dates
  8. Children receive presents in some countries along with celebration events while in some countries this day is also celebrated as a holiday from the school.
  9. According to a UNICEF study, 22,000 children die every day in the world as a result of poverty.
  10. According to a UNICEF study, there are about 168 million children in the world which are involved in Child Labor.
  11. Every year there are about 34,000 Homicide deaths in children under the age of 15 years.
  12. According to a study, 15 Million girls are married as children and denied their fundamental rights for Health, education, and opportunity.
  13. According to a UNICEF study, Millions of children around the year become victims of untold violence.
  14. In another study, it’s been reviled that 38% of the world children leave primary school learning without even learning how to read, write and do simple mathematical operations.
  15.  The Gender GAP is closing in the youth in world literacy rate, the girls are almost closing up with the boys.
  16. According to the UN, one in nine of the world’s children lives in a conflicted zone.
  17. UNICEF has launched an appeal for around US $ 3 Billion to help children’s rights worldwide.
  18. About 43 million children around the world need help and attention, according to the United Nations organization.
  19. This day celebration reminds us of the necessity to take action in favor of children’s welfare worldwide, irrespective of race, gender, religion or country of the children’s.
  20. Each year on 20th November UNICEF also holds events in different countries to draw people’s attention to children’s fundamental rights.

When was Universal Children’s Day first celebrated?

Universal Children’s Day was first developed in 1954 as Universal Kid’s Day as well as is commemorated on 20 November each year to advertise international togetherness, understanding among kids worldwide, and improving kids’ well-being.

November 20th is a crucial date as it is the day in 1959 when the UN General Assembly took on the Statement of the Civil Liberties of the Child. It is likewise the day in 1989 when the UN General Assembly embraced the Convention on the Legal Rights of the Child.

How to celebrate Universal Children’s Day

The first thing you’ll need to ask yourself when Universal Children’s Day is when you intend to celebrate it. As discussed in the past, almost every nation commemorates today on various days, so depending upon where you remain in the world, the ways you can do it differently. If you have children, this particular day would certainly be an excellent day to invest with them, doing something both enjoyable and educational that the whole family can enjoy.

When is Universal Children’s Day?

2019November 20Wednesday
2020November 20Friday
2021November 20Saturday
2022November 20Sunday


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