International Kiss Day 2024 Facts, Meaning, History and Importance

International Kiss Day also known as the World Kiss Day, is celebrated on July 6. As the name suggests, it encourages people to puff themselves up and share a kiss with their long-term partner, crush or someone they want to seduce.

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The purpose of this holiday is to remind people of the value and simple pleasures of kissing and sharing with a loved one, whether it is a romantic or friendly kiss.

What is Kissing?

Kissing is often associated with romantic feelings, but there are more types of kissing. There are many types of kissing, and they are practiced on different occasions and have different meanings.

A passionate kiss from a lover, a first kiss of a person, a kiss with a child, a child, parents or grandparents, or a kiss to the cheek or hand as a greeting or goodbye.

Kiss Day History

The day appears to have started in the UK in 2006 and has been observed ever since. The exact origin of the world’s first kiss is unknown, but it is believed to have started in Britain.

Meaning of kissing

When two people kiss, they exchange pheromones, not saliva. In Italy and Greece, friends (men and women) kiss each other in greetings and in France an air kiss is the usual greeting on the cheek. The French, for example, ignore their usual greeting and blow an air kiss instead.

In high society, it is not uncommon to greet with a kiss on the cheek, a tradition that goes back to the old world. Men and women kiss their lips, which would not be offensive if they were charged in Rome or Athens.

Greet your friends with a kiss on the cheek, then kiss someone on the forehead and much more. Share a wish or quote with your loved ones to celebrate them.

International Kiss Day Wishes

Why Kissing is important

There will also be no more advantageous method to express your love to your associate than with a kiss. A kiss is a stunning sort of conversation. Incidentally, kissing isn’t the simplest first-rate on your actual fitness, but additionally advisable for intellectual health. Kissing also reduces stress. Kissing can aid increasing immunity and burn calories.

Expressing your love and care via kisses deepens the love between two individuals. A kiss can give a boost to the groundwork of a relationship.

Crazy Facts About Kissing

1. Kissing your companion for one minute can help fritter away to 26 calories. If completed on an everyday basis, it may add a number of extra years to your existence. Kissing daily increases your lifespan.

2. The further saliva generated whereas kissing helps clear your mouth and naturally resolve enamel issues.

3. On general, people spend 336 hours kissing – which is about two weeks of our life.

4. In 1966, the first interracial kiss changed into shown on TV in an episode of famous person Trek.

5. In Latin the USA, it is average to welcome a person with a kiss. The people of France kiss to express their passion. In Africa, people regularly kiss the area of the floor on which their chief walks. Italians greet you or say hey with a kiss.

6. Within the 2010 movie Elena Undone, actresses Necar Zadegan and Traci Dinwiddie kissed each other for a record-breaking 3 minutes and 23 seconds. The world listing for the longest kiss in precise lifestyles turned into set by means of a Thai couple, Ekkachai and Laksana Tiranarat. They kissed each other for 58 hours, 35 minutes, and 58 seconds.

5 Types of Kisses And Their Meanings

Did you know that there are over 30 forms of kisses? As the International Kiss Day 2021 is across the nook, right here we inform you about 5 main types of kisses that we do pretty much continuously but have no idea their meanings.

The Brow Kiss

it’s a sort of particular kiss that has various meanings. Getting a forehead kiss from somebody you’ve got a crush on may also suggest the beginning of a romantic and respectful relationship between you two. A brow kiss can also be given to anyone who ability lots to you, be it your folks, pal, or associate.

The Cheek Kiss

A cheek kiss is known as a Platonic kiss, which doesn’t always have a romantic factor. It’s a way of greeting somebody in a lot of components of the area. A cheek kiss is a friendly gesture that can be shown to friends. Parents and companions additionally share this sort of kiss.

Kiss on The Hand

it is a romantic gesture that you show to someone you want to date or take things further. You may additionally have considered this category of kiss in some films. Constantly, a friend or a person who has a crush on you kisses you on the lower back of your palm to assert that he wants up to now you.

A mild Kiss on The Lips

A peck on the lips is intended to display the emotion of affection. Its intensity can aid you take into account the cause of the different adult. Aside from couples, fogeys also share this classification of kiss with their little ones to express their love.

The French Kiss

Also known as the lip-lock, a French kiss happens between two Americans who are passionate and romantic with every different. It increases intimacy between couples. A French kiss is a means to show that a couple wants to take issues extra.

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