International Volunteer Day – 5th December

International Volunteer Day is observed on 5th December every year. This day is dedicated to develop awareness about the significance of volunteer work and tribute to contributions of volunteers.

This day provides a chance to individual volunteer , volunteer organizations, government and non government agencies to celebrate their efforts and promote their work to the communities.

Historical Background of International Volunteer Day

Volunteers make a significant contribution in the social and economic developments of any society.  Many volunteer services involve great personal sacrifices .To recognize the efforts of volunteers and to develop awareness about the significance of volunteer work, a resolution (A/RES/40/212) passed in general assembly of United Nations on  17th December 1985.In this resolution UN invited Governments to observe International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development on 5th December every yearMoreover through this resolution, UN urged Governments to enhance awareness about important contributions of volunteer services and motivate more people in all walk of life to offer their services as a volunteer. Hence celebration of this day started from year 1985.

International Volunteer Day – Who is Volunteer?

A volunteer is a person who does job without pay. How does a person do job without pay? Actually volunteers are intrinsically motivated. Their work is not based on any kind of greed and material reward. The reward of volunteers is recognition, appreciation and joy. They do work for inner peace and expect reward of their work from God.

A volunteer is motivated for the attainment of noble causes. These noble causes might be fighting against poverty, hunger, illiteracy, child labor, women discrimination, environment pollution or it can be in the form of professional services of evacuation, rehabilitation, first medical aid during natural disasters and accidents.

International Volunteer Day – Why to be a Volunteer – Volunteer Poem?

International Volunteer Day Poem

International Volunteer Day-What are Benefits of Volunteering?

Volunteering provides benefits to both society and volunteer. The detail of these benefits is given below.

Benefits of Volunteering to Society.

  • Volunteers play a signification role in the development of economy.
  • The developing social links of volunteers help to bridge the gaps between governments, sectors, organizations, enterprises, employer and employees.
  • Bring good people and causes together.
  • Inspire others for good deeds.
  • Bring hope to hopeless.
  • Make the difference, bring happiness and smile.

Benefits of Volunteering to Volunteer

There are number of volunteering benefits to volunteer like skill development, knowledge development, Health , Career… etc. The detail of the these benefits is as below.

Skill Development of Volunteer

Volunteerism helps to develop new skills or sharpen existing skills of the volunteers. These skill can be technical, tactical or human. All these skills play a significant role from top to bottom in all business and social organizations.

Knowledge Development of Volunteer

As volunteers get opportunity to work on real life projects. Therefore during these projects volunteers come across  huge piece of information. This information transforms into experimental knowledge. Thus volunteers gain practical experimental knowledge which becomes their intellectual capital.

Health Benefits to Volunteer

Volunteerism is a healthy sign for volunteers. Volunteer enjoys a number of health benefits. Health benefits to volunteer are as below.

  • Reduces Depression of volunteer.
  • Reduces Stress level of volunteer.
  • Lower risk of dieses.
  • Reduces chronic pain.
  • Increases physical fitness.
  • Enhance mental fitness.
  • Stay active.

Career Benefits to Volunteer

  • Increase networking.
  • Build self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Recommendation and Reference Letter.
  • Develop transferable skills (critical thinking, problem solving, interpersonal, etc.)

International Volunteer Day Inspirational Quotes

“Don’t ever question the value of volunteers, Noah’s Ark was built by volunteers; the Titanic was built by professionals.” ( Unknown)

International Volunteer Day Quote

“Services to other is the rent you pay for your room here on the earth.” ( Muhammad Ali)

International Volunteer Day Quote

Great Ideas for Volunteer Appreciation

International Volunteer Day provides a chance to appreciate the volunteer work. The below given ideas list can help to appreciate volunteer.

  • Have use a permanent marker to sign a Thank –you T- shirt for volunteer from all society, community members, celebrities…etc.
  • Send a bouquet of fresh flowers to volunteer.
  • Give a small plant.
  • Send a prayer journal with a special prayer note to volunteer.
  • Send a special volunteer cake.
  • Go to lunch with volunteer.
  • Invite volunteer on dinner.
  • Provide local restaurant coupon deals to volunteer.
  • Send a Thank you card with a personal notes.
  • Reserve special care parking area only for volunteers.
  • Reserve special restaurant place for volunteers.
  • Offer Fresh cake and pastries.
  • Mention the volunteer’s contributions in the major daily, weekly news letters.
  • Hug to volunteer with greet and smile.
  • Get wash the volunteer’s car and clean inside.
  • Give a bag of candies, nuts, and dry fruits according to volunteer’s taste with a Thank- you note.

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