International Worker’s Day 2020: Wishes, History, Quotes and Images

International Workers Day

International Worker’s Day, Brazil, China, USA, UK, Italy, India, and several other countries are celebrated on May 1st. The day dedicated to the importance of workers and the contributions they make. Several events are organized by trade associations and unions on this day. Share International Workers Day Wishes among friends, family, mother, husband, wife, customers, employees.

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International Worker’s Day

International Trade Organizations under the United Nations work towards improving the standard of living of the labor class people worldwide. Marches and rallies are organized all over the world to inform men about their interests. This festival has a historical significance all over the world and is celebrated by the Labor Union all over the world. A variety of demonstrations, speeches, insurgency processions, rallies and parades are organized by the working group under the management of security to prevent violence.

History of Workers Day

International Day of Labor Day began on 1 May 1886. The trade unions of America decided together that they would not work more than 8 hours, for which the organizations went on strike. On 1 May 1886, three million laborers descended on the streets of America.

In Chicago on May 4, 1886, workers were demonstrating for eight hours of work. At the same time, a bomb blast occurred in Chicago’s Hay Market. To deal with the protesters, the police opened fire on the workers, killing many workers and injuring more than 100 people.

Labor Day was celebrated for the first time in memory of the martyred laborers in the city of Chicago. At the International Socialist Conference in Paris in 1889. It was announced that May 1 would be celebrated as International Labor Day in memory of the innocent people killed in the Hay Market massacre. This day would be a holiday for all workers. Since then, May Day has been celebrated as a national holiday in 80 countries including India. A trial was set up for the firing at Hay Market. At the end of the investigation, four anarchists were hanged publicly.

International Worker’s Day Wishes and Quotes

Workers day quote

Our workers are the inspiration to us all… Their work and dedication always motivate us to work for the growth and development of our nation. 

Today is the day to acknowledge and celebrate the incredible efforts of all the workers who gave their sweat and blood to build our nation…. We will honor your efforts and welcome your hard work. Warm wish on happy workers day.

We have seen them working day and night, summers and winters… .. We have seen them do their best against all odds… Let us be inspired to meet life’s toughest challenges. Wishing you a happy workers day.

Let’s shout out loud to thank all the workers who worked hard to bring comfort in our lives. Let us honor them, for without them no nation can walk the path of success and progress. Happy Labor Day.

Anyone who has worked hard to give a good life to his family, to work for the betterment of the nation, to bring happiness and peace deserves a greeting on May Day… Sending the best wishes for International Labor Day for all.

Any kind of work that elevates humanity comes with respect and dignity and must be taken with grace…. There is no work that is insignificant… I send you warm wishes to you on International happy workers day. ”

“If you work today, then you can enjoy and relax tomorrow…. The pains of today bring gains in the future. So never avoid working with dedication… Wishing you a happy work day. ”

“International Labor Day is a reminder that we should never surrender to the situation and always keep working hard with our heart and soul and one day we will definitely get where we want …… happy workers day.”

International Workers Day – Top Events and Things to Do

  1. In most countries of the world workers from all sectors go out to protest in the streets. These protests often include marches in major cities around the world and are led by union meetings.
  2. Visit the Workers Museum, located in the city of La Plata, in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. This museum retains elements related to the birth of the labor movement in 1886.
  3. In different parts of the world monuments are erected to the workers. Some celebrate special events that have marked the history of the world of work. For example, the monument to the “Fallen Workers of Astilhero in 1970”, located in Poland. In Latin America, you can visit some of them: the Workers Monument in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico; the Singing at Work Monument in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Memorial Tribute to Working Men and Women in Managua, Nicaragua.
  4. Buy or rent the documentary Inside Job (2010) – Inside Job in Portuguese. Directed by Charles Ferguson, the documentary chronicles the events of the 2008 economic crisis and the consequences it has had for workers in different industries. It reviews the inadequate conditions most employees must endure around the world.
  5. Buy or rent the movie Modern Times (1936). Directed by Charles Chaplin, this film is set in the Great Depression era of the 1930s in the United States. The film highlights the lack of adequate working conditions at the time, and the proliferation of worker-led protests for respect for their rights.

International Worker’s Day 2020

International Worker’s Day 2020 will be celebrated on Friday, 1 May. Are you waiting for this day to celebrate workers quotes to your friends, co-workers and boss. We all should participate in this awareness events to spared to awareness regarding the strength of workers.

I wish you Happy International Workers Day 2020.


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