International Worker’s Day – 1st May

International Worker’s Day is celebrated on 1st May annually around the world. It is also known the Labor Day or sometimes referred as the May Day as well. Labor Day is an international observance for the honor and rights of laborers class around the world. In most of the countries the Labor Day is celebrated as a holiday to spread maximum awareness about the Day.

Labor Day

The Labor Day is an occasion to pay tribute to the working class and also raise voice regarding the rights of the working class. Labor Day is a special day dedicated to the labor class to recognize their hard work and efforts. It is celebrated across the globe in various countries. In most of the countries it is celebrated on the 1st of May while in some countries like USA and Canada it is celebrated on 1st Monday of September.

Why is May Day Celebrated?

International Worker’s Day is celebrated to honor workers and their hard efforts with a rare day of rest. The workers from throughout the world observe this day to raise the voice for their rights. They demand for fare wages, the end of child labor and the right to organize into unions.

During the period of industrial revolution, many of the jobs were dull, difficult and dangerous for the workers class. People used to work for 12 Hours, six days a week without fare benefits like vacations, health care and pensions.  Child labor was also very common. Even the kids of 10-15 years were forced to work hard in physical jobs like working in coal mines and factories filled with boilers and dangerous machines.

Labor Day

So Trying to win better pay, shorter working hours workers had begun to form labor unions in America and Canada. But the companies they worked for often fought hard to keep the unions out and suppress strikes. In some situations this led violent conditions between the workers and business owners.

In the following years the idea of Labor Day caught in America with official celebrations reaching 30 states.

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Historical Background of International Labor Day:

In 1886 a violent incident happened in Hay market Square Riot, which led to the death of several policemen and workers in Chicago. Four Union labors were also executed in this incident. After that many labor and political groups around the world had begun to mark Hay market square on 1st May, which began to known as International Worker’s Day. In 1894 President Grover Cleveland signed the law making Labor Day as the federal holiday in America.

International Labor Day Quotes:

  • It is labor indeed that puts the difference on everything – John Locke
  • Work isn’t to make money, you work to justify the life – unknown
  • All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence – Martin Luther King Jr.
  • Labor Disgraces No Man; unfortunately you occasionally find men who disgrace labor.
  • A Man is not paid for having a head and hands, but for using them –ELBERT HUBBARD
  • A skilled worker, regardless of the job description remains a treasure – unknown

Labor Day

International Labor Day Themes:

Every year the International Worker’s Day is celebrate under a specific theme. Few of the past years declared themes are as follow:

2017 – Preserve Our National Heritage.

2016 – Celebrating the international labor movement.

2015 – Construct the Future of Cameroon in Peace, Solidarity and Decent Work.

2013 – Let’s value work by providing the jobless with start-up capital support.

2012 – Promote Employment by Supporting Prospective Entrepreneurs.

Top 10 Quick Facts about International Labor Day:

  1. Labor Day Began in Chicago as a protest campaign in support of the eight hour workday.
  2. On May 1st 1886, workers took to the streets across the USA to reduce the workday to eight hour shifts.
  3. In 1916 the eight hour day was firmly established.
  4. OREGON was the first US State which celebrated Labor Day as a legal holiday in 1887.
  5. Labor Day has been a day for parades, rallies and other celebrations or Workers class.
  6. Hundreds of countries around the world have recognized International Worker’s Day however only about 80 countries celebrate the day as National Holiday.
  7. International Labor Organization deal with Labor issues on International level.
  8. Unions and other labor groups plan to use the Holiday to fight for workers’ rights.
  9. In USA and Canada the Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September.
  10. By 2030 the Total Work Force of the world is predicted to increase to slightly more than 4 Billion.

Labor Day

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How to celebrate International Labor Day:

International Labor Day must be celebrated in full esteem to show due respect and honor to the working class. The laborers or working class is actually considered as the back bone of every working system in the world. The industries and factories irrespective of their size solely depends upon their laborers class. If the laborers refuse to work the whole factories and industries becoming non-operational.

So the Government, industrialist, businessmen and every individual of the community should respect and take care of the fare rights of the laborers. The rights like minimum fare wages, working hours, working conditions and child labor should give highest priority.

Events and seminars should be arranged in the honor of workers to make them realize that they are important to us and we assure to take care of their rights.

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