National Girlfriends Day 2021 – 1st August

National Girlfriends Day

National Girlfriend Day is celebrated every year on 1st August. On this day, those who have girlfriends, they definitely celebrate it by taking some time out. Well, like Girlfriend Day, there is Boyfriend Day. Which is celebrated every year on 3 October.

History of National Girlfriend Day

There are no written facts about Girlfriend Day, who celebrated it for the first time. But in the year 2004, for the first time, Girlfriend Day was mentioned. Susan, the owner of a luxury website, says that she first celebrated this day in 2004 to express gratitude to each other. Although there is no official proof of this.

At the same time, some people have said that the celebration of Girlfriend Day was started during the promotion of the book ‘Girlfriend’s Gateway’ by author Kathleen Lang and Elizabeth Butterfield. This book was published in the year 2002.

How to celebrate Girlfriend Day?

If there is someone very special in your life, with whom you want to spend most of your time and for whom you want to do something special, then there can be no better day than Girlfriend Day. When your family members and even friends do not understand you, especially in difficult times, then it is the girlfriend who understands you. She supports you at every step.

In such a situation, on this day, you must do something special for your partner. You can gift her or take her on a date somewhere. But these days, due to Corona, you better celebrate Girlfriend Day at home.

National Girlfriends Day Activities

  • Organize a paint night with your girls
  •  Instagram or it didn’t happen
  • Everyone loves a spa day

Facts About National Girlfriend’s Day

The following are some facts about the National Girlfriends Day that are worth sharing to other people:

  • According to an article from Psychology Today, the friendship of women is built on feelings, while the friendship among men is basically just transnational friendship.
  • Women invest more on their friendships by stating in touch and seeing together more often than men do.
  • Strong friendship between females can reduce stress.
  • A stressed out women can release stress by spending time with other women. This triggers the release of the hormone oxytocin, which induces calm and relieves stress.

Many people also take this day to show their appreciation for their friends on social media, by sharing photos together with the hashtag #NationalGirlfriendsDay.


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