National Science Fiction Day -2nd January

National Science Fiction Day is celebrated by Science fiction lovers in United States annually on 2nd of January. The date was actually chosen to correspond with the official birth date of famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov’s.

Isaac Asimov was a great writer who won over a dozen annual awards and half dozen lifetime awards for his writing.

He remained on top of the list of Science fiction writers. Do you know His “Foundation” trilogy is considered by many as the wonderful science fiction series ever written.

National Science Fiction Day

Science fiction is a popular topic amongst kids and teenagers. On science fiction day teachers can encourage students to read or watch some best fiction novels, fiction movies or T.V. shows. School management can arrange Science related exhibitions for motivation of kids towards science related activities.

So, Guys this is amazing event to celebrate.

National Science Fiction Day -What is Science fiction?

Fiction” refers to that stuff which is based or created on the Mysteries, Imagination, futuristic scientific, fantasy, technological advances, chick lit, frequently portraying space or time travel and life on other planets are all fiction genre.

National Science Fiction Day
National Science Fiction Day -How to celebrate?

  • You can celebrate this interesting and amazing day by doing different things on this day.
    Spare some time to Reach Science fiction book.
  • Go to cinema or arrange at home to watch the best interesting Science fiction movie.
  • Sit on the sofa, on your TV and tune-up to watch best amazing Science Fiction drama or TV show.
  • Spare time and take some rest to think and imagine full of fictions. Draw and write down all your brain outputs into a short but amazing Science fiction story.
  • Do plan pick a interesting fiction stories and read its chapters out loud because even younger ones will enjoy the stories.

National Science Fiction Day

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