Promise Day 2020 Wishes Quotes Images Messages – 11 February


Promise Day is celebrated on 11 February in each year in Valentine’s week. This is the most special day in Valentine’s week which is started from 7th February to 14th February.

On this day, people propose their love once by giving a Greeting, red roses, a ring, arranging special meals in hotels. Love is not a just strong feeling but also it comes with lots of responsibility, commitment and proposes.

What is Promise Day?

This is one of the best times for that person who loves someone but still have no courage to propose their love once. So, in this Valentine Day, propose your partner on this Valentine Day in some unique way and promise him other that you will be always with him or her in any situation and love them forever.

This Day you can also celebrate with your best friends, family members and also with close ones with some new promises. So, celebrate this day with enjoying every moment of this day and remember for a complete life.

Promise Day 2020

Valentine’s week is near and everyone excited to celebrate Valentine days in their way. Someone said that ‘Love is an unconditional commitment to an imperfect person’. Valentine’s week is the best time to show your love and affection towards your loved ones. Valentine Day comes with many days such as Rose Day, Promise Day, Chocolate Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day, Teddy Day and Valentine Day.

Promise Day 2020 Images, Photos, Pictures, and Wallpaper

Promise Day is celebrated by exchanging greeting card images with love ones. Here is the best collection of Happy Promise Day 2020 images with wishes that you can send this to your love once through Facebook, Whatsapp, and mobile device.

Promise Day Greeting

Valentine’s week is coming with giving romantic days. Promise Day is one of the special days of Valentine’s week. This is a fifth-day celebration in Valentine’s week. On this Day, decorate your desktop, PC, laptop and mobile devices with the wallpaper of Happy Promise Day.

Promise Day Message Promise Day Wish

Promise Day 2020 Wishes, Greeting, and Messages

I Cân’t Promisé To Solvé Âll Yoür Probléms, I Cân Only Promisé,
Thât I’ll Névér Lét Yoü Fâcé Thém Âloné.
Happy Promise Day.

I promisethat I’ll never make you feel alone. Happy promise day love. Let’s promise each other to be best friends forever.

I won’t promisé 2bé ür friend 4évér because I won’t livé thât long.
Büt lét mé b ür friend âs long âs I livé.

Promise me you’ll survive. That you won’t give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless.

I swéâr 2 ü on évérything I’m ând I dédicâté 2 ü âll that I hâvé ând
I promisé you that I’ll stând right by ür sidé forévér ând âlwâys üntil dâ dây I dié.

Love is feeling which cant come from the mouth it comes from the heart. So the promise is like which come from mouth and heart. It shows your internal feelings.

Promise more than what you can deliver and deliver more than you can promise.

I Want To Be The Greatest Of Me, For This Is All I Can Do. It Is My Wish That You Promise Me This, You Be The Greatest Of You.

I promise to stay in touch with you and check on you from time to time as I know you stay busy at work. Happy Promise Day my best friend.

I promise one day you’ll regret losing me you’ll look back and say, ‘Dammn, that guy really did love me.

4 Promises you need to make to your partner this Promise day 2020

1. Promise to always be together: If you love your partner very much and want to keep the relationship lasting for a long time. Promise to him/her to be always together, even in a bad situation. This will make your relationship stronger, while the relationship will also increase respect for each other.

2. Promise to spend quality time: In today’s era, people often live a very busy schedule because of home and office. Due to this, they are unable to spend quality time with their partners, girlfriends, boyfriends, and family. In such a situation, if you promise to spend some quality time on Promise Day with the most special people of your life, then your style will be liked by everyone.

3. Will not cheat and will tell the truth: Nowadays, cheating and lying in relationships become quite common. In such a situation, if you promise to always tell the truth to your partner on Promise Day 2020 and do not cheat him/her, then this will increase the respect for each other in your relationship.

4. Will always support: If you love your partner and want to make her/him feel your love once again, then promise to support the physical and emotional support of a partner in every situation on Promise Day 2020.

Do these promises yourself on Promise Day 2020

Promise not to impose the burden of all your desires on others: Tie the knot that your partner cannot fulfill all the needs of you or the relationship. If you accept this, then there will be no scope for estrangement between you.

Promise to give importance to every relationship: It often happens that whenever we are in a love relationship, more and more of our focus shifts to the partner and we tend to ignore friends and family even if we do not want to. They also spend time with them. But don’t. give importance to every relationship.


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