Singles Awareness Day- 15th February

Singles Awareness Day is celebrated on 15th February each year. The day is celebrated very next to very famous Valentine’s Day for moral boosting purpose of the single persons which could not find their loved ones on the Valentine’s Day and still spending their lives as singles. In short term Singles Awareness Day is also called as S.A.D.

Historically the idea of Singles Awareness Day was thought by a student named Dustin Barnes of Mississippi State University to dedicate a specific day for single persons to realize and spread the feelings of love for your own self.

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Singles Awareness Day is being celebrated on different dates in different countries like in USA SAD is celebrated on 22nd September while in China 11th November is dedicated for SAD. There can be variance in the dates of celebrations but the main theme of the day remains the same. i.e. to overcome the feelings of loneliness and to spread the beam of joy and happiness among the single persons.

Singles Awareness Day Quotes:

  • In the end you have got to be your own hero, because everybody is busy trying to solve themselves.
  • Just remember that being alone on Valentine’s Day is no different than any other day of your life.Singles Awareness Day_P2
  • Stop waiting for love and start living. There are many stories your life is meant to tell.
  • You are a unique human sole in the entire world, love yourself.
  • Being single is pretty good. It’s a nice sense of irresponsibility.


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How to Celebrate Singles Awareness Day:

Of course single persons can celebrate their day according to their own wills and desires however following are few suggestion from our side to super celebrate the day in full esteem

  • Feel the freedom of joy and irresponsibility.
  • Don’t allow the feelings of loneliness and depression to come in your mind.
  • Go out for long walk in a lush green area with you yourself.
  • Have a dinner with your single friends and exchange your thoughts about the advantages of spending the life as single.
  • Do some shopping for yourself.
  • Believe it there is no shame in living as single on Valentine’s Day.
  • Spend the day for a social cause, provide social services to the community like visiting the nearest hospital, teaching a kid and helping the needy person in your surroundings.

Singles awareness day

Life is too short to waste the time in the feelings of self pity and loneliness, every day is a new day full of hope happiness and joy. It is solely depends upon you how you spend it. Try to spend it in the utmost postie attitude and full spirit.

Thanks for your time in reading the article on Happy Singles Awareness Day.

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