Washington’s Birthday-3rd Monday February

Washington’s Birthday is celebrated on 3rd Monday in the month of February. Washington’s Birthday is a federal holiday in the United States of America.

The purpose the day is to honor George Washington, the first president of America who born on 22nd February 1732.

Washington’s Birthday holiday is now also widely known as President’s day and taken as an event to honor the current US president and all those people who served as President of the US.

Washington's Birthday-Happy President day

What is Historical Background of President’s Day – Washington’s Birthday?

Washington’s Birthday holiday was first implemented by an ACT of Congress in 1879 for government offices in Washington.

In 1885, Washington’s Birthday holiday expanded to include all the federal offices. The first federal holiday to honor President George Washington was celebrated on actual Birth Day of George Washington February 22nd.

On January 1st, 1971 the federal holiday shifted to third Monday of February under Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

The first attempt to create President Day occurred in 1951 when the President’s Day National Committee was formed. The purpose was to honor the office of the presidency, not any particular president.

4th March was proposed as a President Day to honor the office of the presidency but the bill could not be passed in Senate Judiciary Committee.

Committee felt the proximity of 4th March to Lincoln’s and Washington’s Birthday and would have resulted in 3 holidays having a burden on the budget.

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The early draft of Uniform Holiday Act would have renamed to President Day to honor the birthdays of both Lincoln and Washington but the proposal failed and the bill was voted and signed on June 28, 1968, keeping the name as Washington’s Birthday.

By the mid of 1980, with the push of public advertisers the term “President Day” became started to appear.

Washington’s Birthday-George Washington’s Birth-Childhood:

  • George Washington born on Feb 22, 1732, in Virginia.
  • George Washington was the first child of Augustin Washington and his wife Mary Ball Washington.
  • Washington’s father was a wealthy person.
  • Yong George liked to fish and boating but most of all he liked to ride his horse.
  • George learned to read and write in school, he was hardworking. Arithmetic was his favorite subject.
  • Georg’s father died when he was of eleventh year age.
  • He received the equivalent of elementary education.

George Washington’s Occupation:

  • At sixteen years of age, George joined a surveying or land measuring job in Virginia.
  • At the age of twenty-one, George joined Virginia army. Georg led the Virginia soldiers against French during French and Indian war. He was known as a brave soldier and good leader.

Washington’s Birthday-George Washington’s Marriage:

  • When George was in the age of twenty-six, he fell in love with Martha Custis.
  • In 1759, George married Maratha Custis.
  • George and Maratha’s home is called Mount Vernon. It is located in Virginia.
  • George Washington and Maratha had no child as it is believed George was sterile.

Washington’s Birthday-George Washington-Revolutionary War:

  • In 1775, the colonist began to fight against England and wanted to be free from England. George Washington was chosen to lead the Continental Army. It was a Revolutionary War.
  • The war was hard for Washington’s soldiers. Soldiers were often lacked for uniforms, foods, blankets, guns.With the help of French navy, he forced the British to surrender war at Yorktown.
  • The Revolutionary war continued for eight years from 1775 to 1783. In 1783, George army won the war. George was the hero.
  • He resigned as commander in chief when the Revolutionary war was over.
  • The thirteen colonies became thirteen states. The people in America loved George Washington.

Washington’s Birthday-George Washington Presidency:

  • George Washington served as president for two terms from 1789 to 1797.
  • George elected president unanimously by Electoral College in 1789 and 1792.
  • He was fearful that partisanship would divide the nation, therefore, George Washington was not the member of any political party.

George Washington’s Accomplishments as President:

  • George Washington re-established relations with Great Britain.
  • When some people protested the tax on whiskey, George demonstrated the strength of federal government.
  • George appointed commissioners to survey and acquired land for the permanent seat of the US government.

Precedents Set by President George Washington:

  • Declined majestic titles; he was called Mr. President.
  • George Washington recognized the need for advisors, he established cabinet to the executive office.
  • George Washington declined to accept the third term as a president.
  • After eight years of services as President, George returned to his home at Mount Vernon.

George Washington Farewell Address:

In 1796 George Washington delivered the farewell address. The address was delivered in the form of a letter. In the farewell address, he warned the public about the risks of Republicanism.

The extract of George Washington farewell address is given below.

  • Avoid political parties. It will lead to division and weaken the government.
  • Avoid alliances and remain neutral.
  • Religion and Morality are essential.
  • Ensure nation’s security and strength by avoiding debt.

George Washington’s Death:

  • On December 12, 1799, Washington inspected plantation in a rain. He ate supper without changing clothes.
  • Next morning he was having the infection in the throat and was ill.
  • He has undergone medical treatment but could not recover.
  • On December 14, 1799, at about 10:00 PM, George Washington died at the age of sixty-seven years.
  • George Washington and his wife are buried at Mount Vernon.

Washington’s Birthday-Honoring Washington:

  • George Washington was a great American leader. He is called Father of the Country.
  • Mount Rushmore is in South Dakota. It has the heads of Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, and Lincoln craved in the side of the mountain.
  • The Washington Monument is in Washington, D.C. It is the tallest structure in the city.
    Tourist can ride elevators to the top.
  • Memorial, on the $1.00, on the quarter, Mt. Rushmore, Washington Monument, National Memorial.

Washington's Birthday-honoring Washington

Washington’s Birthday-George Washington’s Famous Inspirational Quotes:

Washington's Birthday-George Washington's Famous Inspirational QuotesHappy President Day-Washington’s Birthday Activities:

President Day activities can be the following.

  • Enjoy promotional sales in the event of President’s day.
  • Remind and send healthy products sales info to your family and friends.
  • Browse and Read the inspirational Quotes by the all famous US presidents.
  • Read about the struggles, inspirational working history of US presidents and get inspiration.
  • Educate kids about the achievements of famous US presidents.

Happy President Day from Event of Day.

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