World Earth Day 2023: Quotes, Slogan, Theme, Wishes and Images

World Earth Day is a worldwide awareness day, and it is celebrated every year on 22 April. The biggest reason for celebrating this event is to make people aware of the earth and the environment.

On this day, everyone spread slogans and wishes to save the environment of earth. Know the reason for celebrating it and what is the theme of World Earth Day 2023.

World Earth Day

Earth is a very broad term, It has water, greenery, wildlife, pollution and other factors related to it. To save the earth means to take initiative to protect it. Neither social awareness was ever shown nor any concrete initiative was taken at the political level.

Earth is a miracle, it also includes water, gases, fossil fuel and other things that are necessary for a human being.

To save the earth means to take initiative to protect all of them. But for this, only one day should be made a medium, is it right? We should consider every day as Earth Day and take some measures to protect it.

When the whole world celebrates Earth Day on April 22, in America it is celebrated as Tree Day. Earlier, Earth Day was celebrated two days a year (March 21 and April 22) all over the world. But it is decided to celebrate on 22 April since 1970.

Earth Day 2023 Theme and Slogan

This year’s theme is “Invest in Our Planet.”“.

History of World Earth Day

It has been celebrated since 22 April 1970. It was started by ‘Gaylord Nelson‘, a US senator. In 1969, an oil spill in Santa Barbara, California, resulted in heavy waste, which hurt him a lot and decided to do something about environmental protection.

On January 22, three million gallons of oil spilled into the sea, killing 10,000 seabirds, dolphins, seals and sea lions. After this, on April 22, 1970, about 20 million Americans participated in the first event of Earth Day on the call of Nelson.

Earth day Significance and Importance

We should think about Earth because of global warming. We get to know the impact of global warming on our environment. It is necessary to be aware of keeping the environment right to save life’s wealth.

The increase in population has put an unnecessary burden on natural resources. Therefore, the importance of programs like Earth Day for the proper use of its resources has increased.

According to the Live Science IPCC, the intergovernmental panel on climate change, sea level has risen 20% since 1880, and it has continued to rise. It can increase from, 2100 to 58 to 92 centimeters, which is very dangerous for the Earth.

The main reason for this is the melting of glaciers due to global warming due to which the earth may be submerged. According to the IPCC environmentalist, Maldives could be completely submerged by 2085.

The importance of “Earth Day” increases for the protection of humanity, it motivates us to make excellent use of fossil fuels. Celebrating this has a positive effect on the promotion of global warming, which motivates us to improve our standard of living.

World Earth Day Quotes

Mother Earth wept so much that she has more tears than happiness. Protect Her. Happy Earth Day.

Spring has come again. The earth is like a child, we should do all our efforts to save our beautiful earth.

Every single moment spent on this blue, glowing planet is precious, so use it carefully.

Every day is Earth Day, and I vote we start investing in a secure climate future right now. 

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

The three great elemental sounds in nature are the sound of rain, the sound of wind in a primeval wood, and the sound of outer ocean on a beach.

God wanted to make heaven, and the earth is that heaven. Nowhere in the universe there is so much love, life, beauty and peace. Enjoy your stay with the fellow beings.

If we can give to urban people the peasant’s love of nature and their deep understanding on the matter of nature’s importance, the salvation of our Earth will be easier.

Reasons for Celebrating Earth Day

  • To urge the green globe – Growing even more trees.
  • To prevent plastic usage – Almost every plastic ever generated exists in one type or one more.
  • Healthy food diet regimen – avoiding convenience food that misbehaves for our health and wellness.
  • Safety and security of pets – this planet comes from them likewise.
  • Tidy setting-not throwing rubbish anywhere
  • Most important – for the children – informing them in their understanding phase concerning planet treatment and also safety and security as well as love towards animals.

Images on World Earth Day

World Earth Day

Way to contribute to saving the earth

Minimize waste

Every year, a huge amount of waste is generated in the world. Take the plastic itself, it takes more than 450 years to dissolve things made from it. So instead, you buy things in which plastic is not used.

Plant more trees

The number of trees is decreasing day by day due to the high pollution and high quantity of trees harvested. So that breathing in the coming season will become even harder. So plant more and more trees.

Do not wastewater

Shed as much water as needed. Exposing too much water is a bad idea. Always make other people aware of water conservation.

Videos on Earth Day


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