World Heart Day 2021 Wishes, Images, Quotes and WhatsApp Status

World Heart Day Image

Every year, cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the main cause of 31% of deaths in the world. Strokes and heart attacks are common worldwide. 

Therefore, in order to raise awareness about the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and to reduce the number of deaths from CVD, the World Heart Federation has established World Heart Day.

On this day of the year, they try to raise awareness about the main cause of Heart disease. Factors that are leading causes of heart disease are smoking, drinking, unhealthy diets, and lack of exercise, high blood sugar in diabetics, overweight, and obesity.

World Heart Day 2021

The World Heart Federation has identified heart disease and stroke as the leading causes of death worldwide, causing 17.1 million deaths annually, which outweigh the death toll of cancer, HIV, AIDS, and malaria.

Overeating, lack of exercise, an unhealthy diet, and high blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels are factors that cause heart disease and threaten the lives of us and our loved ones. “Heart Day” was established to provide information that can help prevent heart problems.

World Heart Day 2021 Theme

World Heart Day will be celebrated on Wednesday, 29 September. The theme of the World Heart is “Year of the Nurse and Midwife“. It is about taking care of yourself and the hearts of those who are important to you. It is caring for your heart and stopping those habits that are harmful to our body, especially our hearts. This year, they thought about asking people to commit to quitting all bad habits that lead to cardiovascular disease and increased activity.

How to Celebrate World Heart Day 2021?

The main activity is to develop exercise to prevent cardiovascular disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) is also actively carrying out this campaign on a global scale. To this end, WHO joined with the World Heart Federation and various government agencies. They are also promoting anti-tobacco and anti-alcohol campaigns. The governments of the largest countries have taken this initiative to reduce the mortality rate caused by CVD.

Many organizations and NGOs have organized many activities, such as motivating people to exercise regularly, arranging health camps and heart checks, arranging sports activities, such as running and walking, giving public lectures to raise awareness.

World Heart Day 2021 Wishes, Images, and Quotes

This World Heart Day promises to avoid all habits that can damage the heart. Today is World Heart Day, please don’t smoke.

A healthy heartbeat is like sweet music. It makes your life better and makes your mood fresh. Happy World Heart Day.

Start to care about your heart health from World Heart Day. And also try to spread awareness about the healthy heart.

It is important to have a healthy lifestyle to have a healthy heart. Happy World Heart Day.

We all should be aware of cardiovascular diseases and their causes. Let’s make people about it on World Heart Day.

World Heart Day Picture

Cardiovascular disease occurs due to stress and tension. So stay happy and keep smiling. Happy World Heart Day.

World Heart Day Photo Wishes

If you don’t want to be separated from your loved ones, maintaining a healthy heart is essential. Happy World Heart Day.

The important thing is to start taking care of your life before it starts to affect your heart. Happy World Heart Day.

Life is always happy when you have a healthy heart. Happy World Heart Day.

World Heart Day Status

In our life, there is nothing more important than maintaining a healthy heart. Happy World Heart Day.

Stress and tension are the root causes of various cardiovascular diseases. So stay happy and keep smiling. Happy World Heart Day.

World Heart Day 2021 is dedicated to those who are struggling with cardiovascular disease every day but still smiling.

Your life will continue to beat until your healthy heart continues to beat. Happy World Heart Day, 2021.

Don’t let cardiovascular disease ruin your life, be happy and healthy. Always maintain a good and healthy heart. Happy World Heart Day.


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