World Ocean Day 2024 Wishes, Theme, Facts, Messages, Images, and Activities

World Ocean Day 2024 is celebrated on 8 June, and observational events are held around the world. The main focus of the initiative is to plan and install sustainable ways to save the oceans and the planet.

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Since 2002, the World Ocean Network has been responsible for supporting and organizing activities worldwide on 8 June. The aim of World Oceanography Day is to raise awareness about their role in maintaining the oceans in a healthy planet.

The first week of June combines the protection of the environment and the oceans with World Environment Day on 5 June and World Oceans Day on 8 June. It is praised for focusing the general population on the importance of life in the oceans. And providing a rewarding opportunity to connect with the systems, associations, and segments that drive ocean endeavors.

World Ocean Day 2024 Theme

A new theme has been dedicated to the Day, which focuses on gender equality in the world’s oceans and its impact on marine life. This year’s theme is Planet Ocean: Tides Are Changing.”

Facts About World Oceans Day

  1. As per the source, the oceans are the world’s largest source of protein. More than 2.6 billion people depend on ocean food like fish and other sea-food, it is their primary source of protein.
  2. Not just Tree, but the oceans also purify the air. They absorb up to 30% of the carbon dioxide in our air. It also helps to reduce the effects of global warming and climate change.
  3. More than 100,000 marine animals are killed each year due to plastic pollution in the oceans. And seven out of 13 whale species are now threatened with extinction.

Why We Celebrate World Ocean Day?

World Oceans Day serves to honor, protect, and preserve all that our beautiful oceans have to offer, and global participation is needed now more than ever. The oceans cover 71% of the Earth’s surface, store 97% of all water, produce more than 60% of the oxygen we breathe and provide the animal protein we eat. Humans and millions of other species depend on the resources that the oceans provide for food, energy, shelter, health, and survival, as well as water and food. No matter where you live in the world, the ocean affects your life in many ways.

Aim of World Ocean Day

The aim of this global festival is to bring people and organizations together for an event. That shows how we can help to protect and engage with our oceans. World Oceans Day is a day when everyone can do something to help their oceans. And it is a time when we, as a people, as people of the blue planet, can honor our ocean – connected and connected.

How to Protect Our Oceans?

Small changes in your everyday life will help protect our oceans. Change your ways and learn more about how your actions affect many marine life and habitats.

  • Recycling plastic creates new plastic, which means less plastic ends up in the ocean. Take time to think about how you affect our oceans and how they affect you, and then take part in activities that celebrate the oceans.
  • The best way to keep plastic out of the oceans is to stop using it altogether and reduce plastic consumption. If you look at your company’s plastic consumption. You can find sustainable alternatives to replace single-use products.
  • A good starting point is to avoid the use of microbeads; they are too small to be recycled and have a significant impact on the environment. Many companies divert their waste stream completely in this way, but it still flows down the drain and ends up in the sea, where it is considered food by fish and marine life.

How Much Plastic Ends up in the Ocean

You may wonder how much plastic ends up in the ocean. And the Ocean Conservancy estimates that 80% of all plastic in our oceans comes from the land. From sources, the rest from the sea – from sources such as fishing nets, plastic bottles, and plastic bags. More than 80% of plastic pollution from the oceans. Both land and sea, come in three main forms. Plastic straws, styrofoam and polyethylene, and plastic containers, and other plastic products.

World Ocean Day 2024 Wishes and Images

Below, you can download World Ocean Day 2024 Wishes for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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“Oceans are Our best friend, and they are gifts from God. We must protect them to make our earth happy. Happy World Oceans Day.”

Happy World Oceans Day. Today is a day to celebrate the ocean, reminding people how important it is to protect the ocean and all the creatures that make it home.

World Ocean Day Wish Image

World Oceans Day is the best day to reminds us, why we should protect our oceans. We are spoiling oceans with our wrong deeds. Let us reverse it all and save them.”

On this day, we spread awareness about protecting the beautiful and eye-catching ocean, and convey the message not to throw plastic into the ocean.

Because we throw plastic into the ocean, millions of marine animals are killed every year. Even a small piece of plastic can kill animals, so use less plastic products in daily life and try not to throw any type of plastic bags into the sea.

“There is no life without beautiful earth and oceans. On the occasion of World Oceans Day, let us save our ocean.”

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