World Poetry Day 2024 Quotes, Images, History, Significance and Aim

World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is celebrated on 21st March annually around the world. It was declared by UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) in 1999. It is an occasion where writers associated with poetry are appreciated for their work and new poets who want to join this field are encouraged.

World Poetry DayWhat is the aim of World poetry Day?

The aim of celebrating World Poetry Day is to encourage new writers to write, read, and publish new poems in the world. It also encourages the efforts of small publishers whose publication is related to poetry. When UNESCO announced this day, it said that the Kavita Movement has got a kind of recognition at regional, national and international levels.

What is the importance of poetry in our society

Poetry is a form of literature, which has been used since ancient times to express human conditions, desire, culture, suffering, etc. It can also be used to encourage and inspire other people. It is a tool that uses the rhythmic properties of a language. Poetry captures the creative side of the person and helps him to express his personal experiences and rhythmically inspire others. It has been an integral part of human civilization since ages; From poaching tribes in Africa to modern civilizations of Egypt, all have been reading and writing poems.

How World Poetry Day is celebrated?

On World Poetry Day, poets around the world share their thoughts, knowledge, and works. Poetic programs are organized, for a culture in which notable poets of that particular culture or language elaborate their work and express their views. Many countries celebrate World Poetry Day on 21 March.

Schools and colleges around the world organize programs for students to acknowledge the role of poetry in reducing cultural gaps and to praise various poets and their efforts to keep culture and languages ​​alive through poetry.

Many schools dedicate a class lecture on poetry, during which children are taught about various forms of poetry and various poets are also known. Poets are invited for talks and conferences, such as; Cafeteria, colleges, schools, auditoriums, and stadiums, etc. Poets from across borders are also cordially invited to enrich and express their views about their books. Awards are given to those who have made commendable contributions in the field of poetry.

Exhibitions are also held at various places, displaying works by various national poets as well as poets from across the border.

World Poetry Day Quotes and Images

Poetry Day Image

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World Poetry Day 2024 Date

  • Thu, 21 Mar, 2024

I wish you very happy World Poetry Day 2024.


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