World Wildlife Day-3rd March

World Wildlife day is observed on March 03 every year.

World wildlife day provides an opportunity to celebrate the blessings of beautiful fauna (animals, birds & fishes) and flora (plants) and also in developing the awareness about the benefits of wildlife to the people.

At the same time, this day reminds us the urgent need to stop the wildlife crimes which is a threat to wildlife.

World Wildlife Day Beautiful Wildlife Animals HD

Historical Background of World Wildlife Day:

Keeping in view the importance of wildlife, On December 20, 2013, a resolution A/RES/68/205 is the general assembly of UN deciding to proclaim March 3 as a World Wildlife Day.

In the resolution, UN urged all member states, regional, sub-regional organizations, civil society and individuals to observe this day and raise awareness about the importance of wildlife in an appropriate manner.

World Wildlife Day-What is Wildlife?

Wildlife includes the undomesticated animals and plants species that live and grow in the wild area independently of humans usually in the natural environment.

Examples of wildlife animals: Lion, Tiger, elephant, beer, monkey, fox, dolphin…etc.
Examples of wildlife plants: Sunflower, Thyme, Foxglove, Ice plant, Firethorn, Barberry…etc

If we become aware of the benefits of wildlife for the human life then it will be very easy to understand the importance of wildlife. Ultimately this awareness will develop a sense of responsibility in every individual for the protection of wildlife.

The below-given section explains the benefits of wildlife.

World Wildlife Day-What Are Benefits of Wildlife?

All living organism including humans depends on other living things for survival.

By preserving wildlife, we are protecting the environment and by protecting the environment, we maintain a healthy world to live.

Wildlife provides a lot of benefits the human. These benefits can be divided into following four broader categories.

1. Economic Benefits of wildlife.
2. Aesthetic and Recreational Benefits of wildlife.
3. Medical and scientific Benefits of wildlife.
4. Ecological Benefits of wildlife.

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World Wildlife Day-Economic Benefits of Wildlife:

Wildlife provides a lot of economic benefits to humans. Economic benefits of wildlife are listed below.

  • Wildlife is a source of hunting and provides meat to humans e.g. fish, deer, rabbit.
  • It provides timber for buildings, furniture, and other industries.
  • On a large scale, trees provide papers, rubber, fiber, oils, and dyes.
  • Wildlife is a source of outdoor recreational activity which is a direct source of revenue for wildlife industry.
  • Fishing is part of wildlife industry, the tickets on fish hunting generate a lot of revenue.
  • A specialized and trained staff is required for the maintenance and management of wildlife activities which is a source of employment.
  • The trained staff for wildlife management will require licensing and certifications. Licensing and certification cost is a source of revenue.
Wildlife Day Economics Benefits of Wild-plants

Economic Benefits of Wild-plants.

World Wildlife Day-Aesthetic and Recreational Benefits of Wildlife:

Wildlife provides a lot of aesthetic and recreational benefits.

  • The wildlife sceneries are very pleasant to the eye and worth to see.
  • The aesthetic value of wildlife attracts the travelers for recreational activities.
  • People feel joy in seeing the wild animals in their natural habitat.
  • People love to make photographs and film movies.

Wildlife Day Aesthetic Benefits of Wildlife


White Lion with snow background

Medical and Scientific Benefits of Wildlife

Wildlife provides a lot of medical and scientific benefits. Following are medical and scientific benefits of wildlife.

  • The wild plants are the source of raw material in a lot of medicines.
  • Wild plants are used in the preparation of a lot of anti-cancer drugs.
  • Plants recycle the nutrients which are necessary for soil fertility.
  • Plants produce fresh oxygen for humans to breathe in.
  • Wild plants are a source of food for wild animals.
  • Wild plants absorb solar energy and regulate the temperature of the environment.

Researchers and scientists are yet exploring the benefits of wild plants because there are a lot of wild plant species whose benefits are yet to be explored.

Ecological Benefits of Wildlife.

Wildlife mainly contains two main wild types, wild plants, and wild animals.

Wild animals and plants together form a wildlife environment. Both wild animals and plants depend upon the wild environment for their survival.

Ecology is the relationship of living things with their environment. One wild resource in an ecosystem has a certain impact on other resources.

The removal of trees from the forest will affect the lives of forest animals. With the fewer trees, animals would have less shelter and food which will result in reducing the population of wild animals.

The destruction of insects can reduce or prevent pollination of plants. The reduced pollination will result in reducing plants production and thus reducing food and shelter for the animals.

World Wildlife Day-What is Endangered Species?

A species of animal or plant that is nearly at risk of extinction is called endangered species. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) classified species into following groups.

Wildlife Day IUCN Species Groups

IUCN Species Groups

Extinct (EX): No known individuals remaining.
Extinct in the Wild (EW): Known only to survive in imprisonment.
Critically Endangered (CR): Extremely high risk of endangered in the wild.
Endangered (ER): At high risk of extinction in the wild.
Vulnerable (VR): At high risk of endangered in wild.
Near Threatened (NT): Likely to become endangered in near future.
Least Concern (LC): Lowest Risk

IUNC classified species

IUCN Classification of Species

World Wildlife Day-What is the Main Cause of Endangered Species?

There are two main causes of endangered species Loss of Habitat and Loss of Genetic Variation.

Both of these causes may occur naturally or human intervention.

Loss of Habitat Due to Natural Reasons:

If we talk about natural reasons then it means the natural incidents resulting a particular species or group of species endanger E.g. the dinosaur lost their habitat from earth about millions of years ago and became extinct.

The cause was the natural incident of astride striking with earth, causing dairies in the environment and thus reducing sunlight to reach the earth.

Ultimately the hot environment of the earth changed to cool environment. The dinosaurs could not adapt to the cool environment and became endangered and then extinct from this world.

Loss of Habitat Due to Human Intervention:

Deforestation is one of the major cause of wild habitat loss. With the industrial revolution, new industrial, housing and infrastructure development projects are causing deforestation on the very large scale.

Ultimately this deforestation is causing habitat loss for wildlife. Habitat loss is putting wild species endanger.

Loss of Genetic Variation – Cause of Endangered Species:

Genetic variation is the diversity found in the species. The greater the diversity, the greater will be chances for the species to adapt the changes of environment.

Inbreeding is the reproduction of a species within closed family members. A group of species that has a tendency of inbreeding usually have less genetic variation.

The less genetic variation results in much more and deadly disease among inbreed groups. With less genetic information, the inbreed groups have less tendency to resist disease. The less tendency to resist disease ultimately results in few offspring of inbreed species group survive till maturity.

Loss of genetic variation can occur naturally or human activity. Over-hunting or overfishing results in reducing the population of animals. With lower animals population there will be lower pairs to breed.

World Wildlife Day-Wildlife HD Wallpapers:

Wildlife HD wallpaper with beautiful natural seen

Wildlife HD Wallpaper Tropical Forest Tigger

Beautiful Winter Wildlife HD Wallpaper Fox

World Wildlife Day Beautiful Wildlife HD Wallpaper White Tiger in water

World Wildlife Day Beautiful Wildlife HD Wallpaper Bear

World Wildlife Day Beautiful Wildlife HD Wallpaper Bird

World Wildlife Day-Wildlife Crime:

Illegal trade of wildlife falls under wildlife crime. Illegal harvesting of wild-plants, trade of wild animals and animal products and parts is causing an alarming threat to wildlife.

Wildlife crime is putting wild species endanger. It is an urgent threat to beautiful wild beasts, like Elephant, Rhino, Tiger…etc.

From our hands, we ourselves are destroying the beauty of the gifted earth. Let us stop the criminal hands involve in wild crimes and protect wildlife environment so that the future coming generation can enjoy all the benefits of wildlife.

Elephant Ivory; Rhino Horns and Tiger Skin captured during smuggling at Hong Kong ; Image Credit: Reuters

Inspirational Wildlife Quotes And Slogans:

  • “Plans to protect air and water, wilderness and wildlife are in fact plans to protect man.” Stewart Udall
  • “The continued existence of wildlife and wilderness is important to the quality of life of humans.” Jim Fowler
  • “Unless the local community signs up, wildlife won’t survive. And without wildlife, no one will visit.” Jochen Zeitz
  • “We are on parallel paths with the planet. The wants and needs of marine wildlife are our own: we want connection, companionship, a healthy clean environment.” Adrian Grenier
  • “We should not need to have a “Save an Animal Day”, Save from what?, It is in fact “Save from who”. It is Human Kindness, Compassion and Caring that so desperately needs to be saved.” Paul Oxton
  • “Stand with me, to give a voice to the voiceless, to demand the right and moral thing is done by our government.” Eileen Anglin

How to Celebrate World Wildlife Day?

The world wildlife Day should be celebrated by getting and delivering maximum awareness about the benefits of wildlife.

Further to awareness, we should identify the threats and take corrective and preventive measure for the protection of wild species.

The list of ideas for world wildlife day celebration is as follow.

  • Visit the official website of UN on wildlife, get the latest information related to World Wildlife Day theme and scheduled events in nearby geography. You may plan to join the nearby event.
  • Spread words of awareness about the importance of wildlife on social media.
  • Arrange a special awareness lecture in school about the importance of wildlife.
  • Arrange a competition among school, office or workplace Teams in delivering a presentation on wildlife.
  • Visit the near zoo, forest and enjoy the aesthetic natural beauty.
  • Donate funds to the public-private volunteer organizations working for the protection and development of wildlife.
  • Arrange an awareness walk, public seminar against the wild crimes.
  • Push the government and concerned lawmaking authorities to make concrete legislation against wild crimes.
  • Arrange Best Wild picture competition in schools, colleges, universities, national or international level.

In conclusion, wildlife plays an important role in maintaining the beautiful natural environment of our earth. We are all responsible for the protection of wildlife and accountable to next generations for handing over the beautiful natural environment of the earth.

Let us play our role in protecting the wildlife and spread the words of awareness to masses.

Thanks for reading the article and happy awareness about World Wildlife Day on eventofday.


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