Polala Amavasya 2024 Date, Significance, Vratham Vidhi and Timing

Polala Amavasya is a special day for a goddess named Poleramma or Pochamma. It is mostly celebrated by married women with children from certain states in India such as Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Karnataka and some parts of Tamil Nadu.

On this special day, women pray to a goddess named Poleramma Devi. They want her to bless their children and keep them safe. They show their love by following some special rules. This day is called Polala Amavasya Vratham and it is very important.

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The significant timings for Polala Amavasya in 2024 are listed below

SunriseSeptember 2, 6:16 AM
SunsetSeptember 2, 6:28 PM
Amavasya Tithi TimingSeptember 2, 04:49 AM – September 3, 07:09 AM

Significance of Polala Amavasya

The Polala Amavasya is a special day that happens when there is no moon in the sky. It happens in the month of Shravana according to a special calendar.

It is similar to another special day called Pithori Amavasya, which is celebrated by women in the northern part of India on the same day according to a different calendar. Goddess Poleramma or Pochhama is a form of Goddess Durga.

She keeps children safe from getting sick or hurt. She protects them from bad things happening to them. It’s cool because this festival happens when it’s raining a lot and rain can bring sickness. So it’s really important to celebrate this festival to stay healthy and safe.

Polala Amavasya Vratham Vidhi

On Polala Amavasya Vratham, women fast for the whole day. They honor Goddess Poleramma by making a picture or a statue of her.

Then they do a special ceremony and pray for their children. During the ceremony, they put special threads near the Goddess’s picture and after finishing, they tie those threads on their children’s hands. This is called Raksha Thoranam or Raksha Dhaaram.

They also read a story that tells how a woman brought her dead children back to life by praying to Goddess Poleramma. On this day, mothers say special prayers to seek blessings from the Mother Goddess.

What is the date of Polala Amavasya?

Polala Amavasya 2024 is on Monday, 2nd of September.

What is the another name of polala amavasya?

Polala Amavasya is also known as Pithori Amavasya.