World Hello Day – 21st November

World Hello Day is celebrated on 21st November every year almost in every part of the world. This day is celebrated to show the Power of Communication in resolving conflicts.

The day motivates us to start effective communication with all your friends and family member to resolve conflicts rather than by using force.

This is an amazing day in which people try to resolve conflicts through positive communication in different ways. They arrange parties and invite all those having conflicts or they reach those people to say Hello by forgetting and leaving all issues behind.

World Hello Day is a beautiful day to make Harmony in relationships. As communication is the basic key for resolving conflict, so this day is devoted to cheerfulness and fun in communication for forgetting issues and make harmony in relations.

People across the world participate in World Hello Day on 21st November by doing an activity in which each person does the activity of the day by simply greeting ten people or more.

World Hello Day: Basic Steps to Harmonious Relationships

Step-1 Understand Each Other:

People should understand each other with attentive listening, empathy, and compassion. Clarify the points of conflict with open-ended questions and feedback.

Step-2 )  Respect Each Other:

Always give positive gestures to each person you are communicating. Recognize and get positive from each person’s potential and appreciate them show the value with respect.

Step-3 )  Be Sincere with Each Other

Be Honest, genuine, authentic and sincere with each other in communication. Share your caring feelings and honest gestures with each connection.

Step-4 )  Be Clear with Each One:

Communicate clearly with each other. Speak in the tone which is soft to other person and fully understands and speaks with respect and clear meaning.

Step-5 )  Be Encouraging:

Appreciate each positive effort of everyone and Praise to motivate them to do better. Encourage people to explore the hidden talents they have.

Step-6 )  Be Supportive with Each One:

Try to support and assist compassionately with your experience, knowledge, information, referrals, contacts and mentoring.

Step-7 )  Be Caring and Loving with Each One:

Being Caring and Loving is an amazing thing which people can do with other ones and this is the basic essence of life. Try to be kind with each one and do positive acts, so that people feel your honesty and this makes harmony your relationship.

World Hello Day Poems:

it’s never goodbye

My friend and I have never said hello
since we knew one day we would just drift apart.
When that day comes it will break both our hearts
but at least we won’t have to ever say goodbye.
For we might meet together somewhere down the line
From ~ Michael Hill

Hello, World

Hello is what I say to almost
Everyone that I know at
Late times in the day or
Every day at lunchtime.
Oh, how that

Word is amazing. In French, it’s Bonjour, in
Oceania, or Australia, it’s G’day, in
Romanian, it’s Alo. That
The lovely greeting can be translated into any language. I say to you, in
Dutch, Hallo! And now I guess it’s Au Revoir, my aims.
From ~Anonymous


just a quick hello
in a stolen moment of sincerity
means all the world to a lonely heart
looking for a glimmer of hope
that someday there will be more
between the hello
and the inevitable goodbye
From ~Dana Strang

World Hello Day Images and Wallpaper

World Hello Day Images

World Hello Day Images

World Hello Day Picture

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